By Simon Miller

A thriller based on a true story of courage, complicity and murder

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


hello everyone, I just wanted to give you a glimpse of the cover MARK ECOB has designed for Ebolowa ---- still short of a tweak or two and revising the blurb but pretty much there.  I really like it and reckon it gives a sense of what the book's about whilst catching your eye if it's stacked upright in a bookshop ---  I tried it out on my iPad and leaving that around, roughly the same size as a paperback. It looks distinctive, different from mainstream thrillers. I hope you all like it (without of course knowing what's in the book) ----  simon

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Mark Whitaker
 Mark Whitaker says:

Absolutely love it, Simon. It's such a clever design: sunny and cheerful at first glance and then you start to notice the sinister elements. Can't wait to get stuck in to my own copy!

posted 1st September 2017

simon miller
 simon miller says:

Great to hear that Mark, especially from someone with an eagle eye for a photo/image. It'll extend round the spine to the back cover --- that's the tweak we're waiting for.

posted 1st September 2017

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