By Simon Miller

A thriller based on a true story of courage, complicity and murder

Crime | Fiction
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Publication date: Autumn 2017

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It’s 1974. Chicago Private Eye Harry Kaplan is on the trail of a guy who went missing in Cameroon nearly twenty years ago. The Arab oil embargo is pushing gas prices through the roof and the super powers are scrambling all over Africa again, not least Cameroon's neighbour Nigeria with its oil conveniently accessible to the West.

Harry is supposed to be investigating a family tragedy but all the early clues point to the murky world of geopolitics and people in power.

Ebolowa is based on a true story of courage, complicity and murder.


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    simon miller

    I used to teach history at university (Manchester, Essex, Cambridge, Belfast and UC Davis) with published work on the Mexican Revolution and the English culture of land and landscape, but I was eventually drawn to a more flexible genre of writing about the past, like crime fiction and thrillers. My first attempt, The Wrong Domino, was shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger award and my current effort, Ebolowa, has been accepted by Unbound for their new digital list.

  • Candace knew only too well what men like Bill Holden had in mind when they said they needed to talk, especially when the talking was scheduled for the Departures lounge at O’Hare with a bottle of cheap Italian fizz for company. All she cared about was getting in first. She found the bar, picked him out and crossed the room before he spotted her. She stopped him getting up with a hand raised like a traffic cop, no physical contact thank you. She could see he was all set to break it to her gently, his hand poised and his eyes all dewy as if the situation was hard for him too. Laughable.

    “It’s perfectly all right Bill,” she said in the tone reserved for malingerers at the clinic, “I want out of this mess much more than you do.”

    She’d thought of standing him up but in the end decided to come conspicuously over dressed with heels and make-up to remind him of what he was missing. The jarring contrast between how she looked and how she sounded took the wind out of his sails and he gaped, his plan in ruins.

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    1st February 2018 Spielberg Past and Present

    As Spielberg's brilliant film The Post tells us, the state hides and commits crimes in the name of national security. Some cases we know about, some we don't. EBOLOWA will open your eyes!


    8th January 2018 2018

    FIRST OF ALL, best wishes to everyone for 2018 with the fervent hope we can salvage something from the mess of Brexit.  There is no obvious overlap with EBOLOWA but, for anyone who has not read it, the book features a time when de Gaulle's trick of by-passing the National Assemby with referendums cast a long shadow over France.  Can I urge you to read it?  Please do, and please post a review on Amazon…

    19th September 2017 EBOLOWA and NUCLEAR POWER

    State-owned EDF is the nuclear power world-leader, but in the early 1970s French energy was oil-produced and in total crisis thanks to the OPEC embargo.  Word on the street and in the French media was "we don't have oil, but we have ideas", like to go NUCLEAR.  EBOLOWA, currently awaiting last detail ISBN number, covers what that meant for remote corners of the French Empire like Cameroon and…

    30th August 2017 EBOLOWA COVER DESIGN

    hello everyone, I just wanted to give you a glimpse of the cover MARK ECOB has designed for Ebolowa ---- still short of a tweak or two and revising the blurb but pretty much there.  I really like it and reckon it gives a sense of what the book's about whilst catching your eye if it's stacked upright in a bookshop ---  I tried it out on my iPad and leaving that around, roughly the same size as a paperback…

    30th August 2017 Got Married on Saturday

    After 35 years and no likelihood of a civil partnership got married to Su on Saturday, after bubbles and sunshine trek with family fo swim at Bee Sands  - fabulous weekend ending up in Babbacombe harbour overlooking bay.

    31st May 2017 EBOLOWA, genres and Hilary Mantel


                The Second Edit is done.  Over 100K words carefully sifted and commented on.  A great job (many thanks Sadie) and a much better book, so it’s time well spent.  Sorry if it feels forever but it turns out Unbound cuts no corners (proof of pudding and all that).  Now for the copy-editing and then the proof reading.  The publishing date is in sight (August-September) and launch parties…

    3rd May 2017 Hats off to Val McDermid

    Hats Off to Val McDermid

                Her Guardian review of Paula Hawkins’ new thriller pulls off an unusual feat - - a critical analysis of the book without summarizing the plot.  Even better, she makes the point that successful thrillers are rare because the trick of withholding and releasing information is so tough to get right.  The device of the unreliable narrator (Gone Girl, Girl on the…

    17th April 2017 EBOLOWA in PAPERBACK

    Hello every one of Ebolowa's generous supporters and other interested readers!  I'm logging in to say that I have just completed the first edit with Unbound's very thorough and perceptive editor.  The book is even better!  And the NEWS is too - - - UNbound will be producing a PAPERBACK edition of the book which will be available at all good shops a week or so after the DIGITAL issue.  This is absolutely…

    4th January 2017 "All You Need is a Girl and a Gun"

    This was Jean Luc Godard talking about making movies, but to judge from the profusion of 'girl' in the title he could just as well have been talking about thrillers.  At the last count there were girls "Gone", "On a Train", "With a Dragon Tattoo", "Crow", "With a Clock for a Heart" and (a stunner) "In a Plain Brown Wrapper" - - and for Gun you can read "at risk" or "in jeopardy", essentials if a thriller…

    21st December 2016 Christmas came early!

    Happy news, EBOLOWA made the target last night (with one more pledge winging its way from France) so this is a VERY BIG thanks to all you wonderful supporters.  Crowd funding for a book isn't the smoothest process and I am very grateful to you all on two counts: getting the money together, really fantastic, but also for taking the sting out of it.  I hope you will take a moment over Christmas to raise…

    17th December 2016 Only £250 to get over the line

    Dear, dear supporters, first another huge hearfelt thanks for getting EBOLOWA this close to publication - - we are just short of £250 at the worst time of the year for spare cash BUT IF there's anyone out there that you know with a nose for a convincing thriller please drop them the link and enthuse a second over the prospect in store for them in 2017 (the other prospects being not so good) - - -…

    10th December 2016 History, Truth and Stephen Poliakoff

    Every day seems to bring us a new film, book or TV series based on “real life”, whether a serial killer of husbands, the last woman to hang in England, or the British government’s cynical pursuit of jet power after the war.  The claim adds lustre and credibility and it seems that something about the ‘truth’ appeals to a deep human need.  I once gave James Baldwin’s Another Country (New York in the…

    9th December 2016 Tempting Fate

    I was always tempted (counted chickens a hundred times) and so now it's hard for me not to raise a glass in a pre-Christmas toast to all you great supporters of Ebolowa - - the current numbers of you and the percentage of the target are neck-and-neck in the final straight to make 100 - - fantastic!  Just over £250 to go and the project is launched.  I cannot thank you enough!  In keeping with Ebolowa…

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