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Thursday, 2 August 2018

This is Allium hookeri, which is surviving the drought and thriving in the sunshine.

Sometimes known as Hooker's Onion, this species isn't in the book, because I've only been growing it a few years, not long enough to confidently write about it. But it certainly counts as an edible ornamental. It's grown in the West as a bulbous perennial with attractive foliage and summer flowers, and in the East as a vegetable - a kind of cross between spring onions and chives.

EYFG is now 14% funded - many thanks to the latest supporters, who have defied the "Summer Sag" that many Unbound authors dread! Those of you who knew me in my London days long ago may remember that fourteen was a number of great interest to me and my late darts partner Boston Tom, because of our fascination with a local character known as Fourteen-Dinners Jones. He was a startlingly thin, middle-aged man who lived in the same hostel as Tom, and was known for clearing away any unclaimed meals left by residents who didn't turn up at dinnertime. On one legendary occasion he was seen by reliable witnesses to eat 14 dinners at one sitting - hence his heroic status.

Perhaps more relevantly, in crowd-funding circles 15% is thought of as a particular milestone, the achievement of which significantly increases the chances of ultimately reaching 100%. So, with apologies to Mr Jones, I'm hoping our stop in Fourteensville will be a brief one ...

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