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Thursday, 12 July 2018

In a prolonged period of hot, dry weather it is nearly impossible to keep the compost in pots moist. Even if you water twice a day, eventually the strong sun will cause the top layer of compost to dry out so that when you pour water in from the top, it just runs straight through. If you've got some drought-stricken containers at the moment, perhaps in which the plants are flagging and the compost is shrinking away from the sides of the pot, try this: fill a container with several inches of water (an inflatable paddling pool is ideal, if you want to do several pots at once) and stand the pot in it. Then water the surface of the compost in the pot (preferably using a watering can with a "rose" head on it, because it's less likely to damage the structure of the compost). Leave the pot to stand in the water for about an hour or two, topping up if necessary. That should result in the compost being moist all the way through the pot ... at least for a few days!

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