Hosta la vista!

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

This week I am both eating, and writing a chapter about, hostas. They are a perfect EYFG plant, widely grown in front gardens for their colourful leaves, and really delicious as a green vegetable. It's the spring growth that's used as food - the rolled-up leaves that look like witloof chicory. Slice them off at ground level and eat them lightly steamed, or use them as an ingredient in, for instance, pasta dishes. Hosta is a big crop in Japan, often fried as tempura. They're notoriously troubled by slugs, but if you grow them in large pots you shouldn't have much bother. In the open ground, the key is to grow them surrounded by bare soil, and keep them well weeded. I also mulch all around mine with marbles (ordinary, kids' marbles) which molluscs find difficult to traverse - and which look good on a sunny day. As always, my grateful thanks to all of you for supporting the book, and if you know anyone who hasn't, but might, please show them the video!

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