East of England

By Eamonn Griffin

Sharp and atmospheric; a rural take on the noir thriller. A vivid new voice.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Sequel update 29 May

Hi all

Here's where we are with Canine Jubilee (and with East of England, come to think of it).

Stats-wise, we're at 14% funded with 56 fine folk onboard as backers. That means that, by my calculations and with a couple of the higher-level pledges having been gratefully snapped up, there's between 400 and 500 pledgers needed to fully fund the book. This, folks, presents a problem for the project as I really don't think that this is a realistic number of people to attract. 


So here's what I'm doing. 

First, Canine Jubilee - which might undergo a title change - will now be the third Dan Matlock book, not the second. I'm writing another, which I'll self-publish towards the end of the year, in part with the hope that this'll stimulate some additional interest in the crowdfunding project. This new book, which will be called Piece Of Work, and which will be out approximately at the end of October 2019, will fit between East and Canine as a standalone story. If, by the end of November 2019, there's no real development with Canine Jubilee in terms of progress towards the crowdfunding total, then I'll take an alternative approach with that too. This would probably mean self-publishing of some sort. 

There are lots of reasons for this. Principally, the timescales involved in the crowdfunding mean that the book will get stale for me as the writer. I like things to be done and gone. Secondly, I'm having trouble justifying to myself the time / effort / necessity / of crowdfunding as a model for this book. If I was writing non-fiction (or taking a very different fictional approach), then I'd take a different course, but I can bring these books to life quicker, cheaper and easier using other methods. In short, there's other ways of doing this that have advantages to them, notwithstanding the awesome head office and editorial/design support I've got from Unbound. 

The books are fun to write, and I don't want them to not be fun to complete in wider project terms. So, I'm preparing to not crowdfund if that's the way the funding Gods decide. 

Piece Of Work will be complete book-wise by the end of July (more a novella of approx 50K words than the 65Kish word count I went for with East and am looking at for Canine). Canine Jubilee (or whatever it ends up being called) will be drafted and ready for editing by the end of Sept 2019. In time I'll sort out a page on Amazon for Piece of Work (you can only do that three months out from release, so I'd expect to be putting this online early August). 

In the meantime, we'll see how crowdfunding goes for Canine. It takes approx 6 months for Unbound to go from funding completion to publication, so if we're funded by the end of November, then there'd be a book May 2020ish. If self-publishing becomes an option for this, then that date would come forwards.

I'd like to be in a position where I can write two Dan Matlock books a year plus other fiction. Already ideas are backing up. Time to get on with them!

Thanks for reading


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