East of England

By Eamonn Griffin

Sharp and atmospheric; a rural take on the noir thriller. A vivid new voice.

Friday, 31 August 2018

East of England update 31 Aug 18 - the edits are in

Hi all

A swift update on East of England, and a couple of other bits of business. The news on the progress of EoE (as almost no-one is calling it) is that the editor has returned the manuscript to me, and a few tweaks and revisions are now afoot. That means we're about *here on the steps-in-making-a-book-ometer below:

Funding target reached
The final draft of the manuscript is delivered.
The editor edits. And edits. *here
Cover and artwork design begins.
The copy editor reviews the manuscript for consistency.
Typesetter formats manuscript for printing
First proofs come back and are sent to the proofreader
Final edits are made
Artwork finalised
Final proofs go to press

I'm pretty swift with amendments and whatnot, so I'll be on these over the weekend like a dog on dropped chips, and - with a fair wind and following seas - we'll be onto the design and cover artwork stage of things in no time. As we go through each stage, I'll let you know, and you'll be the first to get a peek of any official cover artwork once it's finalised. In fact, if you've got any ideas/suggestions for what you'd like on the cover, let me know. 

In other, related news, there's a day-long writing event at Waterstones in Nottingham on Saturday 6th October. I'll be there along with a good couple of dozen fellow Unbound authors. There's details about the event here (Includes a running order) and here (doesn't). Come along if you're so minded! 

Finally, give some thought to pledging towards Field Notes, coming from Unbound via Maxim Peter Griffin. Yes, he's my brother. And yes, the book's a corker.  

That's all for now!



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