East of England update 28 Feb: free audio sample

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

This audio clip is currently being processed. It should only take a few minutes so check back soon to listen.

Hi all

A free audiobook-style sample from East of England this morning! Engineered (and read) by John Ashbrook of Radio Pictures - a former colleague and all-round good egg - the file will give you a taste of what an audiobook might sound like. The music used is "On The Streets" by Daniel James Dolby. Hope you enjoy it.

Fundraising-wise, we're officially out of the initial wave of enthusiasm phases and into the hard slog. This essentially means me hand-selling each and every pledge to get the book to its funding target. I've got some plans for this, not all of which involve me doing sad kitten eyes at strangers in the street, but there's a role for all to play. Books depend on word of mouth to find their readers, so whatever you feel able to do in terms of lending a social media hand, hypnotising your rich uncle into buying all his chums copies, and so on is gratefully accepted. 

Throughout the last few days, I've posted spoliler-free snippets of the book online in image form to give an additional taste. Here's a couple for you:


As you can see, there's quite a bit of breakfast in the book. There's more on my Twitter feed if you're so inclined. 

As ever, if you want to find anything out about the book, just ask in the Q and A section on the book's page on the Unbound website or else collar me on Twitter @eamonngriffin. Also, let me know what you think about the audiobook sample!

Thanks for reading



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