East of England

By Eamonn Griffin

Sharp and atmospheric; a rural take on the noir thriller. A vivid new voice.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Canine Jubilee update September 2019

Hi all

[If you've read the Sept update for Canine Jubilee feel free to skip this, as it's largely the same!]

A swift update on where we are. Crowdfunding on Canine Jubilee trundles on at its own pace; the next book - Piece of Work - will be along later in 2019, and then we'll see where we are with Canine Jubilee. I'm hoping to preview the cover for Piece of Work in a month or so, and to be able to confirm the release date. The book's stand-alone and fits between East of England and Canine Jubilee but will hopefully keep folk entertained while Book 3 (Canine) funds. 

In other news, I'm at this event on at 28th September, talking about writing and that, so please pop by if you happen to be in mid-Wales: https://cricklitfest.co.uk/event/how-to-get-your-crime-noticed/

If you've not had a chance yet to post a review of East of England on Amazon / Goodreads etc, please do, as these things can help with raising the book's profile!



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