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Sunday, 2 February 2020

Canine Jubilee crowdfunding shutdown

Hi all

I've taken the decision to shut down the crowdfunding effort for Canine Jubilee. It's clear that this isn't a viable way to publish the book, so I've asked Unbound to close this down. That'll mean that they'll contact you to confirm this if you've been one of those who've supported the book - and huge thanks if you did! - and they'll give you details on what that means. 

As I understand it, your Unbound account will be credited with the value of your pledge, which you can then put to other projects if you so wish. Alternatively, you can request a refund, which Unbound will then organise, and your money will be returned to you. 

If you're considering backing another book, I'll make a suggestion. My brother Maxim is coming to the end of his own crowdfunding adventure, for a book titled Field Notes. Check it out and see if it's something that you'd be interested in supporting: https://unbound.com/books/field-notes/

As for Dan Matlock, the protagonist of both East of England and Canine Jubilee, he'll live on. I'm looking at publishing two novels - Canine Jubilee itself (which might get a new title) and Piece of Work; the idea is that they'll both be out in 2020. Straightforwardly, crowdfunding isn't needed or entirely justifiable or practicable for these books, and so the quickest way to get them into readers' hands/Kindles in through other means. 

If you pledged for a higher-level reward (such as a character name) then that'll still be honoured when the book comes out! Might even use a few more pledgers' names - or variants thereof - as little Easter eggs for the valiant few. 

Thanks hugely again for the time and support shown thus far! To keep up to date with what's going on, you can do as many of these as you like - follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/eamonngriffin and/or sign up to my occasional website newsletter here: http://www.eamonngriffinwriting.com/contact

Thanks once more!



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Michael Smith
 Michael Smith says:

That's a shame Eamonn, I really enjoyed East of England; really captured that part of the land well, too. I'll transfer the pledge to Maxim's book - as it is so close to funding now! I'll look forward to hearing more of how Matlock grows from your Twitter page too; definitely interested in his future adventures.

Michael Smith (King Arthur; Sir Gawain and random Twitter thoughts)

posted 4th February 2020

Lulu Allison
 Lulu Allison says:

Sorry to hear that, but please let me know when it comes out elsewhere and I'll buy it x

posted 4th February 2020

Eamonn Griffin
 Eamonn Griffin says:

Ta for the comments thus far! It soon became clear that the crowdfunding wasn't a viable approach a second time around. No matter. Will shout on the Twitter/website/mailing list when there's more news. Two books this year.

Thanks again


posted 4th February 2020

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