East of England

By Eamonn Griffin

Sharp and atmospheric; a rural take on the noir thriller. A vivid new voice.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Books, benches and Elvis.

Hi all

A few snippets about East of England, and related writing stuff. 

First, the novel has completed the copyediting stage, and is now being proofread as a last error-check, and will then be typeset. That means I should have sight of a draft print-ready kinda version in a couple of weeks, to verify and hopefully sign off on. The next area to sort out is cover-related...

I'm appearing this Saturday - 6th Oct - at an all-day writing event at the Nottingham branch of Waterstones, which we Unbound-related writers have put together. If you're able to come along, please do so!. Details and whatnot are here https://www.facebook.com/events/314801209099567/ and here https://www.waterstones.com/events/authors-unbound/nottingham 

Thirdly, I've got a new book out, which dovetails with East of England in that it's sent in the same place. Benches of Louth is a print version of a blog I ran for about 6 months in 2015, recounting a task I set myself to re/visit the town's park benches. All of them. It's part autobiography, part psychogeography, part wandering about. A personal geography, if you will. Anyway, the book's available here if you're so minded: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Benches-Louth-Personal-Geography-Lincolnshire/dp/1982945273/ and a non-Amazon paperback alternative here: http://www.eamonngriffinwriting.com/blog/bol 

In yet more stuff-I'm-in news, I've contributed an afterword to Graeme Oxby's forthcoming photography book The Kings of England, which looks at the world of UK-based Elvis impersonators. I'd hoped to have a live link to the book but it's not quite ready for sale yet, though it's coming imminently, from top Liverpool-based documentary photographic specialists Bluecoat Press. The book's also got a foreword from poet, presenter and broadcaster Ian McMillan. There are examples from the book at Graeme's website here: https://www.graemeoxby.com/the-kings-of-england 

Finally, as ever, consider backing my brother Maxim's Field Notes, also on its way from Unbound. Like both East of England and Benches of Louth, it's a Lincolnshire-based odyssey, though of a different yet complementary kind to mine. Details on that here: https://unbound.com/books/field-notes/

That's quite enough from me for now!




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