East of England

By Eamonn Griffin

Sharp and atmospheric; a rural take on the noir thriller. A vivid new voice.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

22nd April, and almost halfway there...

Hi all

At the time of writing, East of England is 48% funded, so a small handful of pledges will push the book over the halfway mark and the book will start careening towards publication. Blimey. Big thanks for your support and patience thus far!

I'm currently employing all manner of special weapons and tactics to get to the magic 100% mark, but have devised some further dark strategies to do precisely that. While crowdfunding fiction is (as I'm learning) fraught with all manner of issues, I've got past the major stumbling blocks.

Would I crowdfund again? Dunno. I'm working on the assumption that reserves of goodwill from chums, family, ex-colleagues and the like will have been depleted by my rattling of tin cups on various social media channels, so I'm inclined not to, but you never can tell, as Chuck Berry once sang. 

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. I reckon (this is back of envelope maths here) that the book will be funded by the end of June, which means that publication December/January is not impossible - as Unbound reckon on average that it takes 6 months from funding completion to book delivery - though I appreciate that this may very well be a very elastic 6 months. 

In other book-related news, I've written a short story that accompanies the novel; as I've entered it into a competition or two, I can't share it would you as yet, but it may well turn up either as an extra in the book itself, or else as an attachment to one of these emails. 

And, if you're feeling generous, you could do worse than check out Field Notes by my brother Maxim Griffin which is currently also crowdfunding via Unbound. It's a book about the Lincolnshire land and coast, and as such is based in the same locations as East of England; they'd make a strange but effective partnership. 

Thanks for reading!



Eamonn Griffin





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