Duncton Wood Deluxe Edition

By William Horwood

A special edition of a classic book

Friday, 3 February 2017

A Free Ebook

To say a big a thank-you to the early subscribers who have pushed the Duncton Wood deluxe edition forward so fast – and to offer an incentive to the many readers who are about to subscribe - I've arranged for all of you to get a free copy of the DUNCTON WOOD ebook by Canelo.  Existing subscribers will receive details of how to claim their free ebook from Unbound very shortly. The process will be automatic and very fast for new subscribers. An ebook is a wonderfully different kind of 'reading' experience. I personally love ‘em both and I hope you'll feel this free bonus to your pledge will be a happy and immediate reminder of what’s to come before very long in solid and glorious form…


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Caryll Comley
 Caryll Comley says:

Great offer & much appreciated, although I already have the Duncton Wood e-book. Looking forward to the Quest e-book!

posted 3rd February 2017

Jane Gould
 Jane Gould says:

Thank you William. It's been many years since I read Dunctin Wood but it has always stayed with me. Looking forward to re-visiting it.

posted 3rd February 2017

Susan morris
 Susan morris says:

A lovely gesture - thankyou both to Canelo and to William Horwood. I have read and enjoyed everyone of your books over the years William and, in particular, loved the Duncton Wood Series. I LOVE hard cover - or real books as I call them - editions and have all of your books in my little library here in the house.

posted 4th February 2017

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A signed limited edition of the deluxe edition hardback with a personal dedication from William plus an immediate download of the ebook and your name in the back of the book.