An excerpt from

Duncton Wood Deluxe Edition

William Horwood

Bracken was born on an April night in a warm dark burrow deep in the historic system of Duncton Wood, six moleyears after Rebecca.This is the story of their love, and their epic struggle to find it.

It is a true story drawn from many sources, and the fact that it can be told at all is as great a miracle as the history it relates. But without one other mole, Blessed Boswell of Uffington, Bracken and Rebecca would have died the death of legend, their tale declining into the darkness of time as a simple story of love. It was much more than that, as the records kept by Boswell show, and it is these that form the bulk of the material on which this history is based.

There are other sources, some in the libraries of the Holy Burrows, others hewn in solitary stone or carried still in the legends of each system whose tunnels life made these three moles enter. But these are mere shadows when set against the work of Boswell himself.

But for his love and enterprise there would be no Bracken now. Yet without Bracken, Boswell could never had found his great task.

And without Rebecca, there would be nothing at all to tell.

So link their three names together in a blessing on their memory, and on the troubled time in which they had to make their lives...