Jack Dorsey's Tweet

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Jack dorsey tweet

I’ve decided to include the Twitter drawing I did for Twitter founder Jack Dorsey as part of my pledges. It’s based on the very first tweet ever sent on Twitter way back in 2006.

I created the drawing to celebrate for Twitter’s 10th anniversary (Has it really been going that long?), and amazingly Jack himself favourited the drawing on Twitter’s birthday. I imagine he was taking a break from…


Monday, 20 March 2017



So, this is my first update (yes I know, it’s been a while a coming). I’ve spent the last couple of weeks drumming up support for the Drawn Your Tweet book by getting in contact with twitter folk whom I’ve already drawn tweets for. It’s been fun speaking to people directly and letting them know that their tweet will appear in the book.

I’m now at 10% (Woop! Woop!) of my pledge funding…

Still funding
13% funded
59 backers