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A collection of the most quirky and popular doodles on Twitter

Scott Weston is the man behind Drawn Your Tweet - the popular Twitter account that creates unique and quirky drawings, inspired by other people's tweets.

The world of Drawn Your Tweet celebrates the joys and absurdities of everyday life through Scott's playful doodles. Featuring in Time Magazine’s ‘The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2014’, Scott’s drawings have already made him a cult celebrity on Twitter, with an impressive number of fans and followers around the globe.

The book Hey Ive Drawn your Tweet brings together a collections of his drawings for the very first time, including tweets never seen before. A dog sniffing the universe, coffee cups attending a meeting, dinosaurs cuddling teddy bears and tuna fish sandwiches travelling economy class are some of the witty and charming interpretations, brought to life in this book.

Hey I’ve Drawn your Tweet is the ideal introduction to Scott’s quirky drawings. It’s the book Twitter fans have been waiting for.

“Your New Favourite Twitter Account” - Huffington Post

“A Vital Public Service” - Buzzfeed

“haha” - Ricky Gervais

Scott lives and works as a designer in the West Midlands.

His Drawn Your Tweet drawings have featured in campaigns for the National Lottery, LG Electronics, Buxton Water and East Coast Trains. He’s featured in a Drawn Your Tweet film made for BBC News and has appeared on NBC’s Today, drawing tweets for their viewers, live from New York. A selection of his artwork is displayed at Twitter’s global headquarters in San Francisco.

Scott is fascinated by other people’s tweets and how everyday life is played out on social media. Always doodling, he began Drawn Your Tweet as an opportunity to share his passion for drawing in a fun, lighthearted way.

When he's not sharpening pencils, Scott spends a ridiculous amount of spare time looking at your tweets and doodling pictures in crayon with his young daughter.

Jack Dorsey's Tweet

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Jack dorsey tweet

I’ve decided to include the Twitter drawing I did for Twitter founder Jack Dorsey as part of my pledges. It’s based on the very first tweet ever sent on Twitter way back in 2006.

I created the drawing to celebrate for Twitter’s 10th anniversary (Has it really been going that long?), and amazingly Jack himself favourited the drawing on Twitter’s birthday. I imagine he was taking a break from…


Monday, 20 March 2017



So, this is my first update (yes I know, it’s been a while a coming). I’ve spent the last couple of weeks drumming up support for the Drawn Your Tweet book by getting in contact with twitter folk whom I’ve already drawn tweets for. It’s been fun speaking to people directly and letting them know that their tweet will appear in the book.

I’m now at 10% (Woop! Woop!) of my pledge funding…

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