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By Myfanwy Tristram

Over 100 comic artists present positive political actions anyone can take

Monday, 18 June 2018

Which Draw The Line artists are offering bespoke commissions?

We're a fifth of the way there! Thanks so much to everyone who's pledged so far, and an especially big thank you if you've also helped spread the word about the project. Personal recommendations really do bring more people on board.

A very short update this time, but an important one - just to say that you can now see a list of all the artists offering bespoke commissions on one handy page.

This offers the chance to get a unique illustration to your own specifications, picking from a roster of talented artists who each have their own style. In most cases, you'll be invited to discuss your preferences with the artist so they can produce something you'll really love.

And together with the list of artists offering workshops and talks, this means you can now see every reward laid out clearly.

There are also a couple of unusual treats listed that don't fit into any other category: for example, you can pledge to have comedy star Jo Neary come and do a show in your home town. Perrier-nominated Jo has featured in countless TV and radio programmes, and even if you don't know her by name you may well recognise her from your favourite shows such as Miranda and That Mitchell & Webb Look.

Don't worry if you're wishing you'd opted for one of these add-ons; you can edit your pledge at any time before we're fully-funded. Cheers everyone - thanks for reading and please do go on telling people about the Draw The Line book so that we can make it a reality.


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