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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Hi everyone, and a particularly enthusiastic hello to everyone who's pledged in the last couple of months. It's great to have your support and to know that we're that bit nearer to our target of getting the Draw The Line book into your hands.

We so want to get these fabulous comics with their ideas for positive political action out into the world -- and if you have a moment, there are a couple more things you can do to help make that happen.

It'd be great to hear what it was that encouraged you to click that button and make a pledge -- because we want to be doing more of whatever is most persuasive! Let us know on @drawlinecomics on Twitter or drawthelinecomics on Facebook.

If you could also share your reasons with your own social networks, that'd be all the better. The more people hear about us, the more people will pledge, the sooner the book will come to be... and that doesn't only mean that you'll get your copies, but it'll also kickstart us into high street books stores AND put a nice hefty donation into the purse of the charity Help Refugees.

And finally... if you know someone who, for whatever reason, has a nice big following on social media, please see if you can get them to share this link: unbound.com/books/draw-the-line/.

Thanks very much for any help you can give. Next time, we hope to have some news rather than just straight-up requests for your help!


Myf, Draw The Line

You can help make this book happen. Please share it, and encourage your followers to share it, too.

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