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Thursday, 7 June 2018

More detail on the Draw The Line pledge rewards

Many thanks to those who have pledged since the last update. It's very exciting to see the total creeping up!

I wanted to lay out a bit more detail about the pledge rewards. We're fortunate, with multi-artist project, to be able to offer so many and diverse rewards, but the downside of that is... how do you convey the huge multiplicity of options?! Well here's an attempt to do just that.

So: first of all, anyone who chooses (or has chosen) the 'three actions' or 'A4 print' edition, you'll be able to select the Draw The Line images you like best. You'll be asked once we're near completion which you'd like, but for now you can see them all laid out here (click any of the thumbnails on that page to see them larger).

Then there are the workshops and talks. To my mind, these are the most exciting pledge rewards that we’re offering: select one of these and a Draw The Line artist will come and give you and your friends/group/school/party/gathering all the benefit of their expertise.

Artists offering this reward include some really prestigious practitioners, like Woodrow Phoenix, Emily Haworth-Booth, Rachael Ball and David Blumenstein, (to name but a few) and they stretch up and down the UK, as well as locations as far afield as Melbourne, Australia; Helsinki, Finland; and New Jersey USA.

There’s also me! My own talk will be about how to run a big, geographically-dispersed comics project like Draw The Line, but will be applicable to any large online project.

You can see all the various workshop and talk opportunities on one page here.

To make your pledge, choose ‘artist workshop’ or ‘artist talk’ on our funding page.

You’ll be contacted when the fundraising is complete, at which point we’ll nail down the details of which artist you’d like, and all the other practical details. As with all pledges on Draw The Line, the profits will go to Help Refugees, but in these cases the pledge also includes a small fee for the artist.

Now my next task is going to be describing all the various options for original artwork and commissions, but that must wait for next time. Cheers all!


PS, if you've already pledged at one level but are wishing you'd picked something else, don't worry: you can change your pledge at any time right up to the finishing point.

PPS I've also put a slightly more detailed post about all of this on my blog. Please do share - the more people make a pledge, the sooner this book will become a reality.

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