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By Myfanwy Tristram

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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Going to print, yippee!

Hello everyone,

There's just one more day in which people can put in their orders for the Draw The Line book.

As you can see, our crowdfunding page now reflects the fact that we are 100% funded, meaning that we'll be going to print very soon. So, at this point, every extra pledge represents more money that we can give to our designated charity, Choose Love (previously Help Refugees). If you're able, please do encourage friends, family, colleagues and your social networks to make a last minute pledge!

And if you're regretting not ordering a different quantity, or picking an add-on (including bespoke artwork, prints, workshops etc), never fear: you can edit your order through your Unbound account right up until the deadline.

What happens next?

As we explained in our last update, the Draw The Line collective will be producing and distributing your gorgeous hardback books. Once the doors have closed for orders, things will really start moving:

  • You'll get an email asking you to confirm the address where your book (and any reward/s) should be sent
  • Anyone who has requested a bespoke reward, like an original piece of artwork, will receive an email to check which artist you would like it from, what the subject matter should be, etc

Meanwhile, as soon as we know the final numbers, we'll be:

  • Adding your name to the book, to mark the fact that you're one of the people who helped it come into existence
  • Doing one final proof of the content
  • Finishing up the design and layout (this process has started. Brighton designer Simon Russell of Boing Graphics, with a little help from esteemed comic artist and designer Woodrow Phoenix, is steering that ship and it is looking great. Here's a sneak peek at some of the pages)
  • Sending the whole thing off to our trusted printer (and excessive tweeter), Rich Hardiman of Comics Printing UK
  • And then, when the books arrive, sitting down for a massive packing and shipping party so that they can wing their way to all the various addresses across the world where they'll make their homes.

I'll keep you updated as soon as we know more about dates. At this stage I feel confident we can guarantee books before Christmas, and in fact we hope to have them with you well before then. All in plenty of time for you to stage whatever revolution you feel is necessary.

Finally: a massive welcome to everyone who found us via Choose Love and joined us since the weekend: it's lovely to have you here. Plus, a big thank you to all the early pledgers who have been waiting for this moment a little longer than we all expected. I appreciate your patience.

All the best,

Myf x


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About the project: https://drawthelinecomics.com/about/
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Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrawLineComics
Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drawthelinecomics/
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