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By Myfanwy Tristram

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Saturday, 31 October 2020

Cover reveal!

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for your continued patience while we get the Draw The Line book proofed, printed and ready to mail out to you!

I'm glad to say that everything is going smoothly so far. We're having loads of fun and there's even been some degree of exuberance (steady on!) behind the scenes, but I'm aware that beyond our own living rooms, you won't be aware of any of it. So here's my attempt to keep everyone in the loop.

The most exciting thing has been to see the book come into being, and finally see what a wonderful physical entity it will be once it exists in the real world.

Simon Russell of Boing Graphics has been doing a really amazing job on the layout and design of the inner pages, diligently responding to every request without even sighing (well, he might be sighing, but you can't tell from his emails.

Meanwhile Woodrow Phoenix, renowned author, designer and illustrator has done a bang-up job on the covers hat has just lent the whole thing another layer of indisputable cool. 

Their work is part of what's made the book suddenly so special for me, and has really reignited my passion and enthusiasm: I suppose that until now, though we had a website, the project didn't seem quite as coherent. And that's what designers do - wave their magic wand, sprinkle fairy dust and fonts, margins and colourways, and kazaam! Professionalism!

Apart from the design, some of the jobs we've been ticking off are:

  • Researching the cheapest couriers and most eco-friendly packaging
  • Proofreading the copy once, twice, and a third time (I'm paranoid about accidentally missing out an artist's name or letting a typo sneak in)
  • Contacting everyone who pledged for a reward tier that includes a bespoke reward, to ask them what they'd like
  • Creating spreadsheets: oh, the endless spreadsheets.

So it's a good thing we've had a little bit of time to get everything together, really. Huge thanks also to Michi Mathias and Zara Slattery for their helping hands... hands which are going to be very active when we come to the final weekend, with a packing and shipping party planned (well within the rule of six, don't worry).

The last step is for Unbound to transfer the money across to us, and the minute that happens we'll be sending this baby to print. Current estimation is that it will be with you by the end of November at the latest. But even if there are any hiccups along the way, and the very worst happens, I think we can promise it'll be with you in time for Christmas.

And so. Just one thing left for me to do and that is, to show you the cover design... tada! *Sound of multiple trumpets*

x Myf

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Jill Stevens
 Jill Stevens says:

Thank you for this update. I am very impressed that you have managed to keep going through this ridiculously difficult time and that everything is now coming together. I'm really looking forward to seeing the book. Well done, good luck and stay safe (as is now the traditional sign-off).

posted 2nd November 2020

Myfanwy Tristram
 Myfanwy Tristram says:

Oh that's so nice, thanks Jill! Hope you love the book and that it provides a bit of hope in these weird and often depressing times :)

posted 2nd November 2020

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