By Geoffrey Gudgion

Jack's a Royal Marine. A war hero, haunted by his past. Or is he just haunted?

Wednesday, 10 June 2020


WE’D LIKE A WORD is a podcast, not a socially-distanced tap on the shoulder as you break lockdown restrictions. A very good and very influential podcast at that; previous guests have included Anthony Horowitz and Graham Norton. Now the wonderful guys who run it have invited me to come on their show on Wed 17th June to talk about Draca. My fellow guest will be General Sir Peter Wall, a former Chief of the General Staff and now President of the veterans’ mental health charity Combat Stress. Combat Stress, you’ll remember, will receive half of Draca’s royalties.

Those who’ve already listened to WE’D LIKE A WORD know that its producers Paul Waters and Stevyn Colgan have a light, easy manner that makes for great listening. ‘Good craic’ as Paul’s fellow Irishmen would say. There’s no way of knowing which way Paul and Stevyn will steer the conversation but I’m sure it is going to be fun, and probably enlightening.

WE’D LIKE A WORD is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Pods, Apple Music, and wherever good podcasts are hosted. They’re also to be found at Podcast Radio and on their website here: https://wedlikeaword.com


Draca has been sailing for four weeks now, and the early feedback is great. At the time of writing Draca is scoring 4.8 ex 5 on Amazon with reviews ranging from scholarly enthusiasm to the wild exuberance of one blogger who finished ‘You need to pick this one up. Draca will blow your mind. 5☆.’

Several of those reviews have come from supporters like you who pledged support and made this book happen. These early reviews are crucially important to building momentum. So if you’ve finished the book, and you haven’t yet left a review, do please leave a rating at Draca’s Amazon page here. Just click on 'Leave A Review' and scatter stardust. It doesn't have to be long.

Thank you!

I think a launch party is still way beyond the horizon but as lockdown starts to ease I hope you are emerging safe and well.


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