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Monday, 7 December 2020

Merry Christmas - and thank you.

It's that time of year when we're all pestered by emails trying to sell us something.


This one just says 'Merry Christmas' and tells you that you've done something rather special. In helping me to launch Draca you've helped veterans whose wounds are more than physical. The first royalty payment, for a shade over £600, has gone to Combat Stress and, depending on sales, more will follow. Follow the link and you'll get a glimpse of the heroes we're supporting.

It has been a strange launch, without bookshops, or libraries, or events, so I've concentrated Draca's promotion on PR and online advertising rather than retail outlets. That has produced some good results and more than a few frustrations. For example Draca had a highly supportive review in Soldier Magazine, the premier periodical for the British Army and its veterans, which drove Amazon out of stock four times in October. Amazon, it appears, hold lean stocks and rely on publisher logistics to resupply 'just in time', which probably works well when the supply chain isn't crippled by covid.

The good news, with no 'buts', is that readers' responses have been great. As I write Draca's average score on Amazon is an unusually positive 4.5 / 5. No fewer than 74 of the 110 readers who left a rating gave it 5*. There are some lovely reviews there, if you want to look. Covid may have trimmed her sales (sails?) but in literary terms Draca is a success. If you haven't yet left a score, please do. It really helps build momentum.

So Merry Christmas. I hope you manage hugs with those you love, and stay safe until you reach the end of the queue for the jab.

And thank you.



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Laurel Lindström
 Laurel Lindström says:

Thanks for this Geoff, and well done on the sales of the book. I hope you are working on the next one and that you have a lovely Christmas.

All best for 2021.

posted 9th December 2020

Geoffrey Gudgion
 Geoffrey Gudgion says:

Thanks, Laurel, and Happy Christmas to you. I'm looking forward to seeing 'The Draftsman'.

posted 10th December 2020

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