By Geoffrey Gudgion

Jack's a Royal Marine. A war hero, haunted by his past. Or is he just haunted?

Sunday, 1 September 2019


Dear Supporters,

Exciting news; I have been invited to speak about Draca at a literary festival in late May next year. The organisers tell me I shall be sharing the billing with a “household TV name”.

I'd like to factor this great opportunity into the launch plans for Draca, but the timescale is very tight for Unbound to have completed the editing, design, and pre-publication process in time. Unbound tell me that I must reach 100% in the next two weeks to be sure of having pre-release copies printed and ready for the literary festival. Draca would go on general release in June.

Your enthusiasm has already taken Draca to 89% of Unbound’s threshold for publication, so while we’re well on track I’m still about 60 books short with an unexpected but very welcome deadline, and I have a request. Can you recommend Draca to a friend? Perhaps buy an additional copy as a gift? Best of all, adopt Draca for a book club! With your help, and several other initiatives I am running in early September, this is achievable. It’s too good a chance to miss.

As a small ‘thank you’, I’ve prepared an ebook of five short stories. One of them is ‘Muse’, which many of you told me you loved when I released it to mark Draca reaching 50%. The rest will be new to you. All have a brief introduction to explain the creative thinking behind the story. Just email me at geoffreygudgion@icloud.com and let me know whether you would like the short stories in .mobi (Kindle) or .epub (Apple) or pdf format. Please also let me know if you’ve introduced a friend; I won’t necessarily make the connection as new names appear on the list of sponsors.

Thank you. I look forward to broadcasting the news of Draca passing 100% very soon!



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