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Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Space is big.

Something from the archive...

Here is the script for the first episode of the "Hitch-Hiker's" radio series.

Geoffrey Perkins was the producer of the first two radio series. He later become the BBC's Head of Comedy helping to produce an extraordinary array of great TV shows including Drop the Dead Donkey, Spitting Image, the Harry Enfield programmes, The Fast Show, The Catherine Tate Show, The Thin Blue Line, My Family, Father Ted and Have I Got News for You.

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Duncan Wu
 Duncan Wu says:

I'm not arguing with any of this, but weren't Drop the Dead Donkey and Father Ted on Channel Four and Spitting Image on ITV, not the BBC?

posted 7th April 2021

David Wilson
 David Wilson says:

Imagine the incredulity and puzzlement expressed too vividly in the voice of one A Dent, when I say, “...Not arguing...?” :-)

I can hear the voice. And what wonderful memories it brings.

posted 7th April 2021

Ben Poole
 Ben Poole says:

He did those shows whilst at Hat Trick which came after his time at the BBC, yes.

posted 7th April 2021

Dominic Search
 Dominic Search says:

I note that the script cover says this first show was produced by the legendary Simon Brett OBE, who also produced The Burkiss Way, I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue and radio adaptations of Lord Peter Wimsey, as well as being one-time president of the Detection Club (founded by Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, et al), and a writer of many detective stories.

posted 7th April 2021

Ian Fenn
 Ian Fenn says:

Simon Prett produced episode 1. Geoffrey did the remaining episodes of Series 1, and Series 2. Dirk Maggs did Series 3-6. I hope the book will be more accurate than this post!

posted 8th April 2021

Kia Farnhill
 Kia Farnhill says:

@Duncan Wu: Yes! I don't know the ins and outs. IMDB and Wikipedia may cast some light on the timeline. I imagine there's been a compression of time resulting in confusion.

posted 8th April 2021

Sabrina Mikan
 Sabrina Mikan says:

How wonderful!
what a neat project to be a part of

Sabrina Mikan, PhD

posted 16th April 2021

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