Don't Hold My Head Down

By Lucy-Anne Holmes

Bridget Jones meets Erin Brockovich and Elizabeth Gilbert – wearing a strap on, at a sex party

Sunday, 30 April 2017

An update about my sex book

Hello kind people who have supported my sex book!

First of all, I am very sorry it has taken me TWO YEARS to get in touch. But you see they were a very busy two years, with an awful lot going on, so I had to put 'crowdfunding my sex book' on the back burner for a wee while. There were my two very poorly parents (thankfully doing really well now) there was a birth (cor blimey, that was a bit full on) and the arrival of a baby (now a toddler, officially the best toddler in the world.) There was a move to an entirely new area with a three week old baby (not entirely recommended) But...things have been settling down of late and I have been writing again, hurrah ....and have nearly finished a first draft of Don't Hold My Head Down.

And whilst it is laden with mistakes and things that need tweeking, I think it's good. I really think it has potential. I believe in it. I think it is funny but also, bear with me while I inflate myself here, important. It is about female pleasure and power, which I don't think the world has seen enough of. 

So you've supported it, I've nearly written it, and now all we have to do is get to 100% and the good people of Unbound will publish it. 

I'll be keeping you updated via these updates on how things are going with the crowdfunding and the writing, hopefully also sharing some press bits which are lining up too. 

We are on 59% funded at the moment. If you were able to give the project a little helping hand, it would be very much appreciated, you could share the link to my Unbound page (voila! ) or inform any pals who you think might like it, that would be really wonderful - you could even upgrade your pledge if you really, really wanted to support the project. 
      You will notice that we are now offering a rather awesome 'Relight your fire' workshop, where me and groups of 5 women will get together for a natter about sex to see if we can give our sex lives a little lovely shake up - in London, with coffee! I know! I reckon it will be about as much fun as you can have without actually having sex! And there is still opportunity to pledge for a whole page in the book, so if you know any businesses who might like to use that page to advertise in my sex book....?

Anyway, I shall leave you for now with just the hugest THANK YOU from me.
Lucy x

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Isabel Losada
 Isabel Losada says:

Lucy! I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you are getting on. Congratulations on the baby. I'm very glad that you haven't give up on this project and I hope very much that you can raise the remaining money smoothly and easily and I look forward to hearing about it. With all love and admiration to you, isabel xxx i (

posted 3rd May 2017

Simon Sutton
 Simon Sutton says:

So AWESOME to see this book almost manifested into form and ready for all to read. SHINE ON and of course I am sharing with all and sundry xxxxxxxx

posted 10th May 2017

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