Don't Hold My Head Down

By Lucy-Anne Holmes

Bridget Jones meets Erin Brockovich and Elizabeth Gilbert – wearing a strap on, at a sex party

Friday, 17 May 2019

A little update about Don't Hold My Head Down

Hello hello!

Just zooming in with a little update about Don’t Hold My Head Down.

  • Very excitingly I was asked to write quite a long feature for a Guardian Weekend , Sex and Intimacy, supplement. It should be in tomorrow’s edition along with a um VERY ORANGE photoshoot of me.

Please do keep an eye out for it and send it some love!


  • Also, I’m going to be doing a few talkies over the coming months - please come and say hello if you can

Bradford Literary Festival in July (really lovely lit fest!)

End of the Road Festival in August (great music fest)

Brighton Waterstones in September (Labour conference weekend)

I’m just firming up dates for Birmingham, Bournemouth and Cheltenham too, will keep you posted about those.


  • I’m on a bit of a mission to sell over 2,000 copies, as I believe that the book will likely be released in paperback if we get past the 2000 mark. And currently I’m not that far off it! So any little loving pushes you might be able to give it would be VERY gratefully received. You could leave a (rave) review on Amazon, recommend it to a buddy, purchase 200 copies, whatever you think!


Thank you so much for your support of me and this project.

Lucy xx

(I'm enjoying sharing on the Facebook at the moment. If you can bear it!)

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