The Jibbertrump

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Jibbertrump

Twas fustig, and the slimpy tumps

Did grune and twaet on the webe:

So flimsy were the Ankerdumps,

And the meme wraithes covfefe.

“Beware the Jibbertrump, my churl!

The paws so small, the paws that grab!

Beware the Conway Bird, and burl

The frothering Spicerdab!”


She took her micral phone in hand:

Long time a straighted answer sought--

So tested him in’t egg-shaped office,

And found not a single thought.


And, in confuddled thinks she stood,

The Jibbertrump, with peroxide mane,

Came flumping through the Holy Wood,

Twaet-burbling as it came!


One, two, testing, testing, Hullo?

The micral phone went snicker-snack,

The Jibbertrump twaet with gross a view,

But questioning fluzed it back.


“And hath thou confusticated Jibbertrump?

Come to our arms, o gleamish girl!

O funbunculous day, Callooh! Callay,

They chortled in happy mirl.


Twas fustig, and the slimpy tumps

Did grune and twaet on the webe

So flimsy were the Ankerdumps

And the meme wraithes covfefe.

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