Donaeld the Unready


The Totally True Not Made Up Un-Fake Chronicles of Donaeld the Unready

Let’s just get one thing straight guys, I’m Great. The Greatest Bretwalda Mercia ever saw. The Bestwalda. My win was the biggest ever, my Witan the best ever, I put the wit into Witan, everyone knows. Bards should sing of my great victories over the mythical creatures that the DANES sent to attack me. They should sing of my brilliant strategies to outwit the losers in Wales and the soggy idiots in the Fens of East Anglia. They should definitely sing about my great hair. Best hair, ask anyone. But every day they waste good vellum and pretty voices on FAKE CHRONICLES and ALTERNATIVE SAGAS! The failing Jorvik Times! Bernie-cian Barding Collective! Crooked Gildas! Don’t even get me started on total loser Bad Monk Bede! Guys wouldn’t know the truth if it was carried off by Grendel’s Mother. So I asked my thegns and ealdormen and they eventually found someone in Mercia who could write and TELL THE TRUTH, and make it look all believable and pretty. And thanks to the great guys at BreitBard Chronicles, this is it. My Story. FACT!

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