Domini Mortum

By Paul Holbrook

A supernatural murder mystery novel set in late Victorian London.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

We did it!!

Last night, on Hallowe'en (very spooky) Domini Mortum fiunally hit it's funding target

I just wanted to saw a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way.  It has been a long term dream of mine to get one of my novels published and finally, thanks to your help, it is becoming a reality.

For those that have not supported the book as part of the crowdfunding campaign but still want to help, it is not too late to become a supporter. 

By supporting it now before it is fully published and in the shops, you will get your name in the book as a supporter, and receive your copy earlier.

Please also be aware that I will be donating a percentage of any royalties that I receive to Ryedale Special Families, a charity which does a massive amount of good work for children and young people with disabilities in my local area, and one which is very dear to me.

If you still want to add your name to the list of supporters the please click on the following link

Thank you all once again. 

Paul x

PS. Stay tuned for details of the launch party.  More details to follow.

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