Domini Mortum

By Paul Holbrook

A supernatural murder mystery novel set in late Victorian London.

Sunday, 28 July 2019

The Love of Death update

So I realise that this is the first update in a long time.  I had to put the whole crowdfunding campaign for my latest novel The Love of Death, on hold for a bit in order to work out a few things.   This temporary hiatus also included a complete break from all things social media, which was weird.  Part of this break from SM was personal, I was finding it all a bit depressing and time consuming (Handy hint - things that make you miserable are really not worth wasting all of your time on, folks).

So what have I learned from this break - well the first thing was that it is possible to have life without Facebook and Instagram, we managed it for hundreds of years before their invention and did very nicely thank you very much.  Did I miss much while I was away?  Not really, FB and Insta were deleted from my phone for about two months, I logged on via my laptop this morning to find that everything is the same, I haven't missed out on anything remarkable and to be honest all the things that made me stop using it were still around.  But what does this all mean? I hear you cry.  Why are you telling me all of this?

Well the answer is simple.  Life without Facebook and Instagram is possible.  I am happier without them and I don't think that I'll be returning anytime in the future to the sort of usage that made me unhappy before.  There is the issue of the book however, the campaign, the crowdfunding thingy.  I still have a book to crowdfund, The Love of Death, in case I haven't already bored you by going on about it.  It seems that crowdfunding is very hard without forfeiting your soul to the SM giants, over the past two months the campaign has moved along at all the pace of a geriatric sloth with a pporly foot, and this just will not do.  I want the book to be published, the people that have already pledged their support buy pre-ordering copies of the book want to see it published too, and the hundreds of people who have still not given their support will want it to be published once they have taken the plunge.

And so I will be returning to the fray, but merely to plug, push, and pressurise The Love of Death until I reach my target.  This will involve weekly updates, twice weekly plugs, and of course thank yous to those wonderful people that are joining me in getting the bloody thing into print and into the shops.

So there we are Infomercial over.  If you have already pre-ordered your copy then thank you.  I am,and always will be, infinitely grateful for your support and friendship.  If you haven't yet pre-ordered your copy then I would urge you to do so at the earliest opportunity.  The sooner we get this thing done, the sooner my Comic fantasy novel about the Grim Reaper falling in love will be in the shops, and we'll all be rejoicing at how wonderful it is and how we all played a part in getting it out there.

Thank you for your support and patience


Paul x

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