Domini Mortum

By Paul Holbrook

A supernatural murder mystery novel set in late Victorian London.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Please support my new novel

Hello all,

As some of you will know, a couple of weeks ago I launched my latest novel on Unbound 'The Love of Death'.

This new novel is a comic love story set in modern day London and asks the question "What would happen if The Grim Reaper fell in love?"

This is a novel I have had in the pipeline for a few years now, its been a bit of a labor of love that I have returned to whenever I could as I felt that it was a story that needed to be published.  As you can tell I am very proud of it.  It is very different from my last book Domini Mortum, which you so generously supported, insofar as the fact that it is a comedy fantasy, and also there is more than a hint of romance in there too.

I am hoping that you will join me on another crowdfunding publishing journey and support this book as well.  The other main difference with this campaign is that it is going straight to paperback, and so, after it hits its funding target and is published you will get your very own copy with your name in it, or a loved one's (you can always put in anothers name if you want to as a gift).  You will also get a warm feeling inside knowing that you have been part of the creation of this book and have helped to get it published and out in the book shops.

Domini Mortum is now out on sale, people are buying the book avery day, either online or in real bookshops, and each copy they take home has your name in it, ashowing that you made it happen, you got it published.  I am asking that you do the same for my new book, by following the link below

Over the next few weeks and months I will be publishing short extracts, video readings, competitions and otehr exciting news, all of which you will be able to follow.  For those looking forward to the sequel to Domini Mortum, that is my current work in progress and I'll be keeping you updated on its development as it happens.

Thank you again for supporting me, and I hope to see your name appear in The Love of Death too.


Paul x


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