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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Some numbers for you to digest.

38% - Domini Mortum is currently at 38%, which is an amazing figure and one that will continue to grow over the next week or two as the Christmas season finishes off and people return to work and normal life (Normal life which includes pestered by me on a regular basis).

89 - This is the number of people who have currently pledged thier support.

11 - This is the number of spaces left in the magic 100.

100 - The first 100 people to pledge their support will be entered into a draw, the winner having the honour of having a character in Domini Mortum named after them. (there is a warning which is attached to this, being that there is a good chance that this character will be the subject of a horribly gruesome murder).

49 - The number of days left to pledge your support.  This clock ticks very loudly in my head constantly. Please pledge if you haven't already.  If you have pledged already please share your joy, use Facebook and Twitter if you have an account, tell everyone you know, stop people in the street whilst wearing a huge grin telling complete strangers about your friend Paul and his brilliant new book which absolutely must, must, MUST be published   Thank you



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