An interview with Shona Kinsella

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

This week I appear in an interview on the website of the lovely Shona Kinsella. which can ebe found here Head over if you want to know more about the workings of my writing mind, the current project I am working on, and how it's related to Domini Mortum, and where I get my inspiration from.

Its not too late to pledge for Shona's fantastic book, Ashael Rising, on Unbound you can find it at

If you haven't pledged your support for Domini Mortum yet, then please, please, PLEASE!!!! get your pledge in now.  It would be very gratefully recieved. 

If you have pledged then please continue to share posts and tell all your friends and family to help too.  You'll not just be helping me but also supporting Ryedale Special Families who will benefit from the profits of Domini Mortum once it hits its target.




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