Domini Mortum

By Paul Holbrook

A supernatural murder mystery novel set in late Victorian London.

Fiction | History
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Publication date: Summer 2018

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Domini Mortum is a supernatural murder mystery novel set in late Victorian London.

It is the story of Samuel Weaver, an illustrator and correspondent for The Illustrated Police News, the biggest selling tabloid newspaper of the day.

Weaver is renowned for his work, using his employer’s influence and money to regularly enjoy unrestricted access to scenes of murder and crime. His sensationalist style of drawing and writing make him, in turn, both popular with the public, who love his bloodthirsty and violent stories, and hated by other members of the press and the police, who see him as a self serving monster.

Originally from York he moved to the capital because of his obsession with a series of child murders committed in Whitechapel six years earlier by a man named Sibelius Darke, a post-mortem portrait photographer. Weaver is writing his own account of Darke’s murders which he hopes to publish and find fame with. 

As he investigates the life of Sibelius Darke, he finds himself meeting people who knew Darke; from the policemen that let him get away, to those who believe in his innocence and who claim that the murders were committed by a higher power.

Meanwhile another pattern of killings has begun in Paddington, and Weaver begins to suspect that these new deaths are somehow linked to the trail of terror left by Darke in the East End six years earlier. The journey will push Weaver to his limits and cause him to question everything that he believes and everyone that he trusts.

Domini Mortum is a dark, fast paced adventure which rattles through the cobbled streets of Victorian London and York, visits villages haunted by the terrible deeds of the past, and comes face to face with high society, where power and corruption have sunk to new depths.


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  • Paul Holbrook avatar

    Paul Holbrook

    Paul Holbrook is a writer from North Yorkshire. 

    Although rushing headlong towards middle age at a nauseating speed, Paul only started writing with any serious intent a couple of years ago after finding that his subconscious had been unnaturally busy, trapping an ever growing and dangerous gang of ideas deep within his brain.

    This fragile cage, in which they had been sat drumming their fingers and dreaming of freedom for so long, had reached bursting point and so he decided that the only safe thing to do, for all concerned, was to release some of them into the community.

    It started, as all terrible addictions do, small and seemingly harmless.

    First a couple of poems, then the odd short story, until finally, one morning, he awoke with a fully formed 112,000 word novel in his head waiting to be written. Before stopping to think of the consequences he scribbled it down in a little over eight months and promptly started another straight afterwards… the fool.

    Paul currently spends his days working at a secondary school, supporting the development of the next Great British generation and his nights plotting and planning the next Great British novel.

  • During my fourteenth year I saw my first man die.

    This may, of course, not be such a shocking revelation to the average person, people die in their thousands every day. However the nature of my experience and its effect upon me is perhaps something which would not sit lightly upon the minds of normal men. I feel though, that by knowing the nature of this event there will be a better understanding of the type of man that I am and of the elements which make up the more complex areas of my personality.

    I had always had a love of drawing and in creating illustrations, primarily just for myself to enjoy. My interests and aspirations however were not in the fine arts, in painting and suchlike, moreover it was in the graphic and detailed portrayal of life through the medium of sketched reportage. It was not for me to spend long hours in a studio, delicately using oil paints to create beautiful images of the world from a distance. No - it was about being there and documenting the brutalities and realities of life as it happened before me. This may not be thought of by those in respectable society as art, but for me it was art in its purest form, showing the world in all of its ugly splendour.

    Aligned with this skill in graphic depiction was my burning interest in the macabre, those dark areas of life which are feared, so often ignored, but which live in the most shadowy recesses of the minds of us all.

    My father, a liberally minded man in most accounts, despite his age, supported my interest, supplied me with the materials required and allowed me time away from my studies to venture into the city from the rectory where we lived on the outskirts of York.

  • Paul Holbrook has written 1 private update. You can pledge to get access to them all.

    27th September 2021 Sequel update and other news

    Hi all,

    I realise that it has been a while since I posted any updates regarding Domini Mortum, but decided that there were a couple of bits of news which you may be interested in.

    Firstly, progress on the sequel.  This has been slow but progress is being made.  The whole book is planned out, a number of chapters are complete, and it is something which is turning into a real labour of love. …

    28th July 2019 The Love of Death update

    So I realise that this is the first update in a long time.  I had to put the whole crowdfunding campaign for my latest novel The Love of Death, on hold for a bit in order to work out a few things.   This temporary hiatus also included a complete break from all things social media, which was weird.  Part of this break from SM was personal, I was finding it all a bit depressing and time consuming (Handy…

    11th April 2019 The Love of Death is making waves in the afterlife


    Last night my new novel The Love of Death hit 50 backers, which means that there are 50 wonderful people out there who want to see my Fantasy Rom-Com brought to life and out in the shops.

    I did promise, and I will hold to this, that once 50 people had pledged their support i would be putting ll of their names in to a hat and drawing one out.  The lucky winner would then have a character…

    15th March 2019 Please support my new novel

    Hello all,

    As some of you will know, a couple of weeks ago I launched my latest novel on Unbound 'The Love of Death'.

    This new novel is a comic love story set in modern day London and asks the question "What would happen if The Grim Reaper fell in love?"

    This is a novel I have had in the pipeline for a few years now, its been a bit of a labor of love that I have returned to whenever I could…

    20th February 2019 Have you seen The Love of Death yet?

    So, one week into the new campaign and already 22 people have supported my new book, The Love of Death. This is fantastic progress, but I'm thinking that I'll probably need around 300 people putting their support behind the book in order to make it to the magic 100%. The Love of Death is a Rom-Com.  Yes, you read that correctly, the author that brought you grisly Victorian horror and ghastly…

    13th February 2019 A new book! Another campaign.

    Hello all, This update is to let you know that I have a new book on Unbound, The Love of Death. It's entirely unrelated to Domini Mortum, there is not a hint of Victorian villainy and murder in it. In fact it's a romantic comic fantasy all about The Angel of Death falling hopelessly in love in modern day London. As you all so wonderfully supported and helped create my last book, I…

    4th December 2018 Reviews, reviews, reviews (and The Love of Death)

    Well, the reviews are coming in, and are great! Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to leave a few words, and a star rating when needed. It’s so rewarding after spending so long developing, writing and publishing the his book to finally see what others think. The greatest part of it is seeing how much people have really engaged with the characters and the story, and are asking for more…

    11th November 2018 Reviews needed

    Hello all, It's been nearly four weeks since the publication date of Domini Mortum, and everything seems to be going swimmingly. There's been some fantastic reviews so far on Amazon and Goodreads, all of them 5 stars, which is amazing. To those that pledged and supported the book, and made the whole thing possible, you should all have now received your eBook copies. Some of you, I know have…

    21st October 2018 It's here! Let me, and others, know what you thought

    By now those who supported Domini Mortum will have received their eBook copies through the email they provided on pledging. If you are a supporter and have not yet received your copy, please let me know in the comments box below and I will make enquiries. For those of you who didn't pledge your support during the campaign, all is not lost, in fact there are now no excuses for not reading it…

    10th October 2018 Getting ready for the big day

    Hello all,

    My version of Christmas is only a week away.  When I say Christmas, I'm not trying to make you believe that some overweight bloke in a red suit is going to try and break into your home, drink your booze and leave you a pair of socks from your auntie.  No, in my version of the greatest day of the year, something that I have slaved over, obsessed with, and pestered and begged to be made…

    15th September 2018 Cover reveal and Launch party


    Finally, after what has seemed an age, I can reveal the cover of Domini Mortum.

    It's a bit special and was definitely worth the wait..

    All being well, my lovely book will be with you by the end of the month. It has magically appeared on the Amazon and Waterstones websites, and will very soon be racing up various charts.

    Also arranged this week is the launch party,…

    17th July 2018 Last call for supporters!!!!

    Hello all,

    I have been informed today, by the lovely people at Unbound, that this Sunday (22nd July) will be the cut off date for supporters who want to have their name appear in Domini Mortum.

    If you're one of those that have put off and not got around to supporting my soon to be released book, then now is the time for action!  After the 22nd it will be too late.  Of course you will still be…

    24th May 2018 Entering the end game

    By now, those that have supported Domini Mortum will have recieved an e-mail from Unbound telling you that the book is now entering its final stages before publication.  The final manuscript was handed in a couple of months ago and has been ferried between myself, my editor, the lovely Sue Lascelles, and the editing team at Unbound.  It has all been quite a dizzying experience as it made me revisit…

    12th January 2018 Where we are at.

    Hello all,

    Just a quick update to let you know the progress that has been made with turning all of your lovely pledges of support into a magnificent book.  Things have been happening aplenty over the past two months; firstly I submitted my manuscript to Unbound and it was passed on to the very fantastic Sue Lascelles who has been given the task of being my editor.

    Sue read through (and apparently…

    1st November 2017 We did it!!

    Last night, on Hallowe'en (very spooky) Domini Mortum fiunally hit it's funding target

    I just wanted to saw a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way.  It has been a long term dream of mine to get one of my novels published and finally, thanks to your help, it is becoming a reality.

    For those that have not supported the book as part of the crowdfunding campaign but still…

    31st October 2017 Nearly there!!!

    Hello all,

    Just a quick update to let you know that Domini Mortum is within 10 pledges of hitting its funding target now and will very soon become a reality.

    Thank you for all of your help during this very stressful, but ultimately rewarding time.  I am so grateful to everyone whose name appears on my list of supporters and hope that, once I hit 100%, you will enjoy the finished product and…

    21st June 2017 Nearly there

    Hello all,

    I realise that I have been erring in my duty to provide regular updates on the progress of getting Domini Mortum published.

    Can I first say that I am so grateful to each and every one of you that have given your support to my novel.  It means a lot to me that so many people are willing to go out of their way to making my dream of getting a book published and in the shops a success…

    3rd April 2017 Shona Kinsella Author interview

    Please pop over to my blog to have a read of my interview with fellow Unbound author Shona Kinsella. 

    This is the second of a series of interviews that I am carrying out with Unbound authors.  They are unlike any other author interviews you will ever read.



    26th March 2017 The more than quite interesting Mr Colgan

    This week I have begun th process of interviewing other Unbound authors. The first of these interviews is with resident Unbounder and comprehensive all rounder Stevyn Colgan.

    You can still pre order Stevyn's latest tome 'A Murder to Die for' on the Unbound site and would highly recommend that you do. I have.

    To see the interview pop over to my blog here…

    4th December 2016 Tyger Tyger, burning bright.

    A quick tale of tigers, burning and... um... cannibalism.

    "So now, bruised, bloodied and drunk, the victim, both of an opportunist ‘roller’ and my own weakness, I found myself in the graveyard of St Mary Matfelon staring down at the graves of Grandfather and his wife." - Memento Mori

    The church, which appears in my first novel Memento Mori, is notable for two meetings between the main character…

    27th November 2016 The Worst Newspaper in the World?


    “If it’s murder you want then this city is producing it afresh every day.  Nobody wants to hear old news, I cannot sell it." - George Purkess, Domini Mortum

    A little over two years ago I found myself at a writing impasse.  I had recently completed my first novel, Memento Mori, and the burning desire to build on the achievement and hurl myself straight into the process of creating another…

    22nd November 2016 Crowdfunding Publishing - A Science or an Art?

    I’m not very good at Science, never have been and, despite my best efforts, probably never will be.  I like the idea of it, I’m interested in the hows and the whys, the whats and the wherefores, but there is just something in my brain that can’t click with remembering the important Sciencey stuff, or being able to work it out for myself.  This can be a bit of a problem, as my full time job is working…

    13th October 2016 'Orrible 'Olbrook's Monster Hallowe'en Quiz

    With Hallowe'en just around the corner I decided to set a little quiz for you all, the rounds of which are based on a well known television news quiz.  I won't say which, it's not hard to work out.

    The premise is simple, bamboozle yourself with the questions below and send your answers to by the witching hour on October 31st.

    The winner will receive a signed and…

    21st September 2016 An interview with Shona Kinsella

    This week I appear in an interview on the website of the lovely Shona Kinsella. which can ebe found here Head over if you want to know more about the workings of my writing mind, the current project I am working on, and how it's related to Domini Mortum, and where I get my inspiration from.

    Its not too late to pledge for Shona's fantastic book, Ashael Rising, on Unbound you…

    12th September 2016 My Search for Perfection

    Perfection today would be another percent in the bag.  In the meantime here is a short story about a man with a deep need for affection and his search for perfect love (or something like that).

    Kepp pledging, keep supporting, keep sharing!



    My Search for Perfection

    It had always been a dream of mine, to find the perfect woman.

    As a child I had looked through Mother’s catalogues…

    1st September 2016 And the winner is...

    As promised I pulled a name out of the hat once I had reached 150 supporters.  This lucky person/victim would have a character in Domini Mortum named after them.

    I am pleased to say that the winner was... Neil Bates.  Neil (or Batesy as he prefers to be known) will now enter the annals of literary immortality and have a character in Domini Mortum bear his name.  I already have the character in…

    26th August 2016 Ryedale Special Families and New Pledge Levels

    Some of you may know that, when I am not penning Victorian murder mystery novels or working in a school, I spend my evenings and weekends working for a local charity called Ryedale Special Families. RYedale Special Families do a brilliant job providing support for families of children, young people and young adults with disabilities, additional needs and illness.

    This support can be anything from…

    19th August 2016 Fancy a free book to whet your appetite for Domini Mortum?

    Hello all,

    Enjoying the summer?  In need of a good book to read?

    Well, I think you're in luck because this weekend, for two days only, my first novel Memento Mori is available on Amazon Kindle for free! Yes Free!

    All I ask in return is that once you've read it (and loved it) that you leave me a little review and however many stars you think it deserves.

    Memento Mori is set six years prior…

    22nd July 2016 The End

    The End

    I've been giving a lot of thought lately to the idea of getting old.  Perhaps it's because I feel it... some days.  

    For the most part, in the voice in my mind, I'm still young, I still have a young man's voice, (definitely still have a young man's imaturity) and for the most part still have the naivety and stupidity that I had as seventeen year old and which I have held dear ever since…

    5th July 2016 Fancy having a character named after you?

    With the advent of another pledge arriving this morning, the time is drawing near to pull another name out of the hat and immortalise some lucky devil in print.

    145 people have now pledged their support for Domini Mortum and when the clock strikes 150, then all of ther supporters names (Less Catherine Davies who won the honour at the 100 mark) will be thrown hapahzardly into my stovepipe and…

    24th May 2016 Domini Mortum - The First Two Chapters

    The campaign rolls on and, although past the 50% mark, there is still a way to go.  By way of a ghostly premonition of what is to come I present you with the first two chapters of Domini Mortum. 

    For those who have already pledged their support, thank you so much a please enjoy a sneak preview.  For those that have not yet pledged, have a read, see what you think, if you like - get your…

    16th April 2016 Meet Frank Leonard

    The campaign rolls on, hitting an amazing 55% this week, but more pledges are needed if I am to reach the magic 100.  For those of you that have pledged your support, thank you, you have done a wonderful thing and I am very grateful for the faith you have shown in me and your friendship.

    If you have not yet pledged, then I would implore you to do it today.  Last night I finished editing the latest…

    26th March 2016 A Cute Story for Easter - Mr Rabbit and the Broken Eggs

    Exquisite eggs; smashed, damaged, destroyed… dead.

    Mr Rabbit looked around at what was left of his collection.  Since he had been a young kitten he had kept them so neatly upon the shelf of his living room on the opposite wall to his fireplace.  There he could sit by the fire on a night and look at hem lovingly, remembering how he had collected each on.  He had added a new one each year and…

    13th March 2016 Can't wait for a good book?

    Have you ever wondered what went through the minds of those crazy Victorians, when they thought it would be a great idea to pose for a family portrait with their just dead relative?

    I've given it a lot of thought, a disturbing amount of thought in fact, and the culmination of my musings led to Memento Mori my first novel.

    Memento Mori is a prequel to Domini Mortum and is set six years earlier…

    10th March 2016 Can You Hear the Music of the Earth?

    The campaign continues and, although past the halfway stage, there are still plenty of pledges needed in order to get Domini Mortum published by those lovely people at Unbound.  

    If you haven't pledged already, then please do not put it off any longer.  This book needs your support and needs it now.

    For those who have pledged their support. Thank you, I am so very grateful for your help, please…

    28th February 2016 An Interview with... Tom and Barbara

    I hate my life.  

    This is the thought which went round and round in my head, as I sat in the living room of Tom and Barbara Finbarr.  I have had many regrets in my life; I wish I had looked after myself a bit more, before age finally caught up with me and I couldn’t be arsed to do anything about it, and I wish I had paid more attention at school, I know I’m fairly smart, I could have been a somebody…

    23rd February 2016 An Interview with... a murderous old lady?

    As I opened the garden gate, I stopped for a moment to look up and down the street.  ’This is the perfect setting,’ I thought to myself, ‘just right for what I am aiming for.’  I had journeyed to a small market town in North Yorkshire following a response to my classified advert.  I had placed it in the hope of finding subjects on which to base my latest book, as yet untitled, but which would…

    22nd February 2016 Beautiful new artwork

    Please take a look at what the amazingly talented Katie Rawlins has created for Domini Mortum.  Beautifully twisted.  Thank you, Katie.

    15th February 2016 Interview with a... Oh bugger, that's been done already hasn't it?

    Most people would think that Alexander Hemsworth, 39, was just an ordinary kind of man, the kind you would not look twice at if he were behind you in the queue at the supermarket.  He is of average height, average build, not the worst looking bloke in the world but definitely not the best.  He does not dress extravagantly or have a strange haircut, he holds down a fairly normal job and his work colleagues…

    11th February 2016 Pluckley - Investigating the Investigators - Part 3

    The next video that I found was created by a group calling themselves ‘Visual Paranormal Investigations’, and the discovery of this video began a short, but intense, obsession within me. 

    Visual Paranormal Investigations (VPI) travel wherever the spirits take them, armed with a video camera, some snazzy hoodies with their logo on and a host of other ‘equipment’ (don’t expect Ghostbuster style heavy…

    29th January 2016 Death is not the end.

    A new video.  Taking its words from the first page of Domini Mortum.  That's not my voice I'm afraid.  I did record myself but sounded too much like a reedy southerner, not the timbre that I was aiming for.  The voice belongs to Dominic, who stepped in at the last minute and created the sound that I needed.  Thanks also to Eloise, whose skill and knowledge made it just so much better.

    Please share…

    27th January 2016 Domini Mortum- a kind of trailer

    This is the kind of thing that even a numpty like me can create with the right technology.

    25th January 2016 An Old and Gruesome Tale

    Chain me not in Heaven

    They said she was evil.  They said that she’d go and burn in hell for what she done to them kids.  All I can say is that when I saw her laid out on the slab in front of me, all cold and lifeless, I thought she the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.  When Old Barleykins left the room, I told her so as well, told her that I would have given anything to…

    18th January 2016 Pluckley - Investigating the Investigators Part 2


    As part of my extensive research for Domini Mortum, the next film I watched was an investigation into the many ghosts of Pluckley by the ambitiously and unfortunately named Lord of Quim. 

    Called ‘The Legends of Pluckley Village’, it starts well enough, with lots of the Pluckley ghosts and stories mentioned (including The Devils Bush, which appears in Domini Mortum).  However after 4 minutes…

    17th January 2016 A character in the book has a new name!

    A couple of weeks ago I promised that when the number of supporters reached 100 I would pull a name out of the hat at random and that supporter would be included as a character in the novel. (The proviso being that this person may actually be horrifically murdered as part of the plot).

    Well at the present time Domini Mortum's supporters number 106 and so, as promised I picked one of the first 100…

    9th January 2016 Excerpt - The Devil's Bush

    One of my favourite sections of Domini Mortum occurs quite near the beginning and takes place in the village of Pluckley, Kent.  This village, for those that have never heard of it, is supposedly the most haunted village in Britain.

    The central character of Domini Mortum, Samuel Weaver, visits this village as part of his investigations into the killer Sibelius Darke.  On his first evening in the…

    31st December 2015 Do you want to be part of the story?

    Some numbers for you to digest.

    38% - Domini Mortum is currently at 38%, which is an amazing figure and one that will continue to grow over the next week or two as the Christmas season finishes off and people return to work and normal life (Normal life which includes pestered by me on a regular basis).

    89 - This is the number of people who have currently pledged thier support.

    11 - This is…

    29th December 2015 When she was mine - a short story

    You place the coffee in front of me and offer a cigarette.  I refuse the cig but accept the coffee, taking a small sip.  It has milk in it and no sugar, this would normally make me gag, but I have not eaten or drunk anything since this morning and I am thirsty.  I have been sat for over an hour in this room waiting for you to come and speak to me, thinking about the day about what brought me here…

    14th December 2015 Headless


    A funny thing happened today 

    As I set forth without delay

    I met a man without a head

    He had one once but now he’s dead


    He strolled quite headless down the street

    With swaying arms and stumbling feet

    The people screamed, the people cried

    ‘Why hasn’t this poor bugger died?’


    He staggered on, neck spraying blood

    Until he landed with a thud


    8th December 2015 Christmas is not just for the Jolly

    As the seasonal madness takes its grip on the nation, I wish to take a few short moments to talk about this supposedly ‘jolly’ time, where not walking around with a fixed grin is a punishable offence, binge drinking is encouraged by society and emotional blackmail of one form or another becomes an almost hourly occurrence.

    Now don’t take me for a complete Grinch.  I am an amiable sort really, when…

    30th November 2015 In my shed

    Lots of shed posts planned, but I though it appropriate to post this little poem which I wrote a couple of years ago.

    Please don't be scared it's only poetry.


    The people in my shed


    I’ve got some people in my shed

    I visit them each day

    They’re always pleased to see me

    I’ve made sure that they will stay


    I’ve got some people in my shed 

    They jump and wave and…

    21st November 2015 Pluckley - Investigating the Investigators - Part 1

    A large early part of Domini Mortum is set in the village of Pluckley, Kent.  According to The Guinness Book of Records, Pluckley is the most haunted village in Britain.  This claim to fame is no longer given by Guinness as, I suppose there is no way of proving this to be true, no more than ghosts can be proven to exist.

    Before writing this portion of the novel, I researched Pluckley to within…

    19th November 2015 Owning The Moon

    "What point was there of sitting idly and dreaming of the moon when, through work, purposeful action and instances of hard earned luck, the moon could be yours to own."

    This is a line that appears in my novel Domini Mortum.  It is spoken by Samuel Weaver, the so-called ‘hero’ of the piece, as he recalls his journey from ambitious childhood dreamer to infamous artist and writer for The Illustrated…

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    Jim Galbraith
    Jim Galbraith asked:

    If I pledge for an E-book edition, to show support, can I upgrade to a paperback edition when it is available or will that be a discrete 2nd pledge? Regards, Jim Galbraith

    Unbound replied:

    Hi Jim, If a paperback edition is created by Unbound at a later point then it would likely be a separate pledge as we need to collect different information (for instance an address). Thanks for supporting Paul and Unbound!