Dolly Considine’s Hotel

By Eamon Somers

A young writer telling stories about guests in Dolly's hotel—will it get him loved, killed, or both?

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Now where did I leave all those lovely supporters?

The good news is that Dolly is on her way. Yes, publishing is a slow build business, and CV-19 has held Dolly back, but she will triumph. You, my lovely supporters, will be in possession of your very own copies in July 21.  

“But that’s ten months away,” I hear you say, and my reply is, “sorry I have to go and defrost the fridge. Back Shortly.”

I’m back, fridge defrosted and the man who came to install our electricity smart meter commiserated with for not being able to find parking.

In my last update I said I’d read the entire text aloud before submitting to “MY EDITOR” Mary. I had a very encouraging phone call with Mary and some excellent feedback, including “do you need all those commas?”  I’ve incorporated most of her suggestions into the manuscript and sent it off for further feedback. So far, a very stimulating and enjoyable experience.  

I also mentioned (in my last update) that Unbound had asked me to fill in a questionnaire about the book cover. A surprisingly challenging piece of work for me. The temptation being to get a photo of a Georgian building and somehow adjust it to suggest the story of Dolly and Julian. But building facades, with a terrorised or scary, woman/child/alien/zombie peeping out the window has been done to death on book covers, and I’m hoping for something more colourful, surprising, a cover to draw people into the stories I’m telling. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

I will (assuming I’m allowed) share any suggested covers with my lovely funders, and hopefully get some feedback. In the meantime, thanks for your patience, and don’t forget that pledges are still being accepted for Dolly. Supporters (or nominated others) will be immortalised on the supporters’ page. I know Christmas is a little way off, and delivery is even further; butinanyway, as we say in Dublin.

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martin morrisey
 martin morrisey says:

Dear Eamon,

I suppose an essence of a good cover is to encapsulate the mood of the period, so look at archive footage of central Dublin in that era and relate the physical image/manifestation to the themes of the book, another way is to imagine a crucial scene or setting and find an image that conveys that to you. It is a personal thing, you know the book and the characters and when you see the right image(s) it will all come together.

posted 18th September 2020

Eamon Somers
 Eamon Somers says:

Hi Martin, thanks for you comments, very encouraging. Do get in touch. E

posted 2nd October 2020

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