Dolly Considine’s Hotel

By Eamon Somers

A young writer telling stories about guests in Dolly's hotel—will it get him loved, killed, or both?

Monday, 9 May 2022

I've done an interview. Can I now call myself a writer?

It's coming up to Dolly's first birthday, and I have received my second financial statement which show that Dolly Considine's Hotel is generating a small profit. You have helped to make that possible. I would like to donate that profit to a charity or art project, and if you have a suggestion please put it in the comments box below. I will choose one and post an update later. 

In the meantime award winning poet and writer Shauna Gilligan interviewed me for her Writers Chat blog. Shauna holds a PhD in Writing from the University of South Wales, is a registered teacher with the Teaching Council of Ireland, a member of the Arts Council of Ireland Writers-in-Prisons Panel and a Professional Mentor with Irish Writers’ Centre, Here is a link to the interview

If you do take a look at Shauna's page, please like/share it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Here is the link to rate/review Dolly on Goodreads:

and here is the link if you want to rate/review on Amazon:

Don't forget to let me know the charity/arts project you would like to nominate for my royalties generated so far.

It would be lovely to start a conversation about Dolly, have you given your copy to a friend? Did you read it in some unusual place? Would you like to share some other story relating to Dolly or any of the locations or stories in the book?

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