Dolly Considine’s Hotel

By Eamon Somers

A young writer telling stories about guests in Dolly's hotel—will it get him loved, killed, or both?

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Direct from the Editorial Desk - latest news - shock horror

You will know from my previous update that the lockdown has had an impact on getting Dolly Considine’s Hotel onto bookshelves. But Unbound’s Editorial Desk has been in touch (today) to tell me they can now appoint an editor, and work will start shortly on the design for the book cover.

“Wow.” My own editor, appointed by the Editorial Desk. I don’t want to get gushy but just typing “Editorial Desk” gives me such good feelings. I refuse to describe those feelings as “awesome,” or “confidence boosting,” or “affirming,” because they are so inadequate for describing how pleased I am, and maybe a bit too new-agey for my curmudgeonly taste. Nonetheless, I can’t help being excited, delighted, thrilled, ecstatic, exuberant, and jubilant, at being able to share this news with you.

I took advantage of the delay caused by the lockdown to read the entire 140k words aloud to try and locate bits that sounded wrong or confused. I found lots. I changed hundreds of sentences, and hopefully made them more readable, more meaningful, and more enjoyable. It was quite a task, and the lockdown helped, at least some of the time.

What now Mr Somers? Manage expectations, maximise profile?

I subscribe to a Facebook page for Unbound authors. I get advice, encouragement when I am feeling down, and sometimes we even come together for a drink; virtually in recent times. Amy Lord has a blog and has written about her experiences in the year following the publication of her novel “The Disappeared.” It reads like a guidebook for my activities over the next year and beyond: Readings, interviews, publicity opportunities, early reviews, lining up of bookshops, planning the big launch party; are all on the menu.  A whole new career. Please help!

Dolly is 101% funded, but the web page is still alive and accepting advance sales, which, if made now, will mean pledgers get their names included in the list of lovely supporters.

If you have any ideas for the design of the book cover, please let me know. If/when Unbound issues options for the cover, I will invite supporters to vote for their favourite. And if you can help with “raising my profile” or help to get attention for Dolly, then I would love to hear from you. Actually, I’d love to hear from you anyway.


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martin morrisey
 martin morrisey says:

Hello Eamon,

Martin Morrissey here and I suppose u have seen from list that I am a 'Dolly' supporter, is there yet an official (or un-official) name for the "Dollies"?. Really looking fwd. to reading the book, haven't any thoughts yet on cover.

But I think it needs to have some Dublin reference as essentially it's about the City. One of the things that drew me to the book was the story you told about working in that hotel in your late teens/ early twenties. It sounded so amazing, such short experiences at such an open stage in your life can have such a longer term effect than you think.

By the way belated congratulations on your retirement, my sister in Ireland also retired (after 42 years) at same time (during CV-19), an odd time.

Say hello to Tomas, and I saw earlier on your list the name of Rory Murray, (ex UCD?), I wonder where he is and I would love to get back in contact with him.

Good luck with the edit. and look fwd to Launch Party!.

Martin Morrissey

posted 25th June 2020

Eamon Somers
 Eamon Somers says:

Martin delightful to hear from you, and to receive my first ever comment from one of my darling supporters!!
I agree about the book cover. If you click on the "Project Synopsis" link - just beneath my photo on the campaign page - you will see my own early attempt at a cover, it is listed in my (1973) Thoms Dublin Street Directory as an "Old Ladies' Home". But I now think the image is a bit sombre, and can't help wondering if it could be brightened up with (say) the figures of Dolly and Julian either side of the front door. Perhaps she is shaking her fist at him, while he is taking notes? Or perhaps an inside view of a packed bar, including a ghost or two, might be another starting point. I don't know,,, visual stuff is so personal. If you email me at i will send you rory's email. See you soon. E

posted 25th June 2020

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