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Dog Fight is the true story of two brothers living in Poland at the start of the second World War, and the different directions their lives take as chaos and terror sweep across Europe.

Piotr is a pilot with the 121st Escadrille, stationed in Balice. When he hears the drone of German planes overhead in the middle of the night, he knows the time has come to join the fight, gets on his bicycle, and sets off for battle.

Walter is only sixteen years old when the war arrives at the family farm. Sent to hide in the woods by his father, Walter is on a very different path to his older brother Pete. Separated from his mother and sister, now alone in the world, he falls in with a band of young men on the run from the advancing Nazi army. With survival their primary goal, they head north…

Dog Fight documents the very early days of the Nazi advance across Europe in 1939. The story runs from the borders of Poland, through the Black Sea, to France, on to Casablanca and then to Last Hope Island – what Britain was called by those who went there to fight for freedom. It’s a tale filled with action – aerial combat, desperate retreats, fighting in the night skies – mixed with tragedy and humour, and all with a cast of thousands. Packed with historical detail, the intent is to both entertain and inform in a unique way, using several levels of meaning for a wide-ranging audience. Dogs of war are certain to enjoy it, as are history buffs and fans of sequential art. Illustrated with both humour and detail, DOG FIGHT is an exciting story of how all Europe suffered the turmoil of war, intertwined with the stores of the men and women who lived and died in the intensity of that time..

Note: while the characters are portrayed as dogs, no aspersions are to be cast upon that noble animal. Unlike humans, they have never made war on each other.

Tim Holden is a well-known designer of military clothing, mainly for the famous ARKTIS brand.  Arising from a passion for a wide range of historical topics, he has a story to tell about World War Two and how it involved his family. He lives in Devon with wife and dog near the sea and loves all of them – not exactly equally, he says.

Ivan Fanning is an animator and illustrator from South Africa. now based in the UK. Dog Fight is his first graphic novel.

A sneak peek at the interiors:


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