Do You Believe In The Power Of Rock & Roll?

By John Robb

A high-octane first-person history of the last 40 years of rock music

Monday, 5 September 2022

Exclusive! preview of the cover art for Do You Believe In The Power Of Rock & Roll?

At last the book is on its way! 

Due out April 2023 we have sorted the front cover art and doing the final edits...

People can still pledge for the book if they want so if anyone is looking for an early Xmas present or knows a friend in need...

(Hello to the pledger I met by the canal in manchester - hope all is good with you!)



Art director Mark Ecob (Twitter: @mecobtweets / Insta: @mecobinstagram) for art direction and the designer/illustrator Luke Bird for design (Twitter: @lukejbird / insta: @lookbird)


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Simon Kay
 Simon Kay says:

Love it! Really looking forward to getting it.

posted 11th September 2022

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