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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Publication Day!

By now you should have all received your copy of Distortion. I really hope you’re enjoying it. And thanks again to everyone who has been posting photos of the book on social media. I’m forever grateful to each of you for supporting and crowdfunding this thing. As I’ve written in the acknowledgements page, the book simply wouldn’t exist without your faith and generosity. 

I know you’re all very busy and so I’ve refrained from bombarding you with updates in recent months. But today is the book’s official publication day, which means it should be in bookshops – or at least available to order from bookshops.

It also means that I have one last favour to ask. In order to get this book out there and into the hands of more people who might enjoy it, it would be great if you could bang the drums just one more time. Maybe launch another round of social media posts about it, urging others to check it out (using the hashtag #Distortion – and, also, landscape photos are much better on Twitter than portrait photos because people will see the entire book cover rather than just my name…) Crucially, it would also help if you could urge your local bookshop to stock copies of it. Or, if they already stock it, then just randomly rave to them about it. One beautiful thing about high-street book retailing these days is that individual booksellers now have much more say over what gets stocked than they used to have.

And, at the other of the retail spectrum, please consider posting reviews and ratings on Amazon – that will prompt the algorithms to recommend the book to more readers.

I’ve attached a video and also a landscape/Twitter-dimensioned photo of the book, in case you’d rather post those to social media. And over the coming weeks, I’ll keep you updated with any events or press reviews for the book.

Finally, now that some of you have read it or started reading it, some of you may have questions or comments about it. Please don’t hesitate to post them in the comments field below this update – after all, it really is your book as much as mine…

Thank you again,


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