Officially half-arsed!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Right. This book's half-way funded, which means if each of you physically coerces just one other person to buy a copy, then we're done. Just imagine you're a part-time debt collector or a Norman Tebbit of limited scope. I've also decided to do an audio book and to give away a copy to everyone who pledges, because that way I can claim my throat (and the many, lovely liquids I pour down it to keep…

From Ian's desk*

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Well, I've been beavering away, getting these diaries written. Who'd have thought so many things would look so awful in retrospect. Or that so many people with whom I've lunched would now be persons of interest to Operation Yewtree. 

Still, I'm hard at it. My wrists haven't been this sore since I did A-levels. Still, if I'd done some revision I wouldn't have had to wank off all those teachers.

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