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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Evening, everyone!

Just dropping by with the first nuts-and-bolts tidbit from Discarded, and some additional promo news: Starting next week, I will be creating and posting to a public Facebook event, to see about drawing in more supporters. The one basic rule of promotion that I've picked up here is always have your work or face out there, in however many places you can, so hopefully this will start to fill the gaps, and bring in more pledges. I'll be posting the link for the event here in my next update; if you've already pledged, please pass it on far and wide!

Also next week, I will be starting a FREE promo period on Kindle for my alternate history work Obsidian and Steel, and a 50% off for both Dillinger in Charleston and For State and Country. Feel free to check these out, in case any of you don't want to wait for your pledge rewards (or know somebody looking for something new)!

Below is the Discarded tidbit: a closer look at the key piece of tech utilized by Project Golem, and Greg and Leah in particular. Any comments, critiques and shares are, as always, very welcome!

ACIG (Advanced Combat and Infiltration Garment; known as a "clinger" in Project Golem): Tactical garment, intended for covert operations use. Initial design by the U.S. Defense Department's DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in 2030; prototypes and research diverted to Project Golem shortly after. Normal outward appearance: an all-over body suit of black shimmery material, with retractable hood including night and thermal vision eye lenses, and full radio/satellite communication gear. Design based on nanotechnology; exact makeup classified Top Secret. Nanotech combined with supposedly bullet- and bladeproof fibers, and programmed to repair any damage, shift suit material's appearance to match surroundings (urban, jungle, desert, snow), and reinforce sections of the "clinger" when necessary for extra shielding or added impact in empty-hand combat. Tests and field usage confirm material's resistance to any weapon short of close-range RPGs and .50 machine guns, and increase in Golem strength to the level of punching through reinforced concrete and steel. "Patches" on chest and waist serve as holsters, blade sheaths and tool storage when needed; material unwraps and folds over such equipment when these are placed against it. Holographic display computer system in left sleeve, capable of handling multiple team transmissions,  providing automatic translation of any language, and hacking any computer device or network.

You can help make this book happen. Please share it, and encourage your followers to share it, too.

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