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Monday, 3 September 2018

This Week's Tune (9/3)

A happy (if fairly wet) Labor Day to all!

Given the depressing weather of late in my part of the world, as well as the traditional (of course) back-to-school dread, and a slight but irritating speed bump in the latest round of Bloody Relations edits, I figured a little humor was in order; thus, for this week's song, I give you Monday, Monday by The Mamas and The Papas, performed for the Millennium Collection album of their work (Usual copyrights apply; I own nothing!)

With my parents' lingering fondness for folk rock and other '60s music, it was perhaps inevitable that I would hear this group early in life, and that this particular song would eventually become a favorite on my Random Mix playlist. Though it's one of just a few of the group's works I've heard or come across, it's long helped me with writing or life in general, whether by giving just the right rhythm for a particularly challenging section, or getting me through the start, middle or end of an especially rough day at work or classes (many of which, interestingly enough, have been Mondays; guess you really "can't trust that day" :P).

Hopefully, by the end of this Monday, that curse will be broken, or at least go dormant for a little while. Last night, right in the middle of the home stretch on the last BR edits and new work, I realized I was doing much more "Tell" than "Show" (and with highly unlikely events, even for a What-If). Thanks to this realization, I ended up cutting pretty much all the work I'd done the past couple of days, and moving straight to a new climactic scene I'd been chasing for more than a week, yet in fact was moving farther and farther away from by focusing on other, less important (and less plausible) scenes. That will be corrected by tonight, or early tomorrow at the latest, and the draft should be ready to send to beta-readers soon after. Current plan (in light of my resuming PhD classes tomorrow evening) is to have the OFFICIAL publish-worthy version ready for Kindle (or perhaps a niche outfit I've had my eye on for a while) by Halloween at the earliest, Thanksgiving at the latest. More news to follow, like always, on this and the rest of my upcoming work(s); in the meantime, enjoy the weekly music choice, and keep sharing, commenting, and above all, reviewing!

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