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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

This Week's Tune (9/10)

Good day, everybody!

Due to a fair amount of "first week back" running around for PhD classes (and a sudden yet not insurmountable job development), I unfortunately haven't gotten as far as I wanted/promised in the final stretch of Bloody Relations work. Never fear, though; the work continues, and I may even be finished by this weekend, or even sooner--especially if I can set aside a chunk or two of time to just lock myself in the apartment and do nothing but write! In reflection of this hope (and a little tongue-in-cheek longing for both the vanishing days of freedom and the fulfillment of my writing ambitions), I present for this week's song Stay Home by the band Self, performed for the Shrek soundtrack (Usual copyrights apply; I own nothing!)

Though I hadn't heard this song or band until after I saw the movie, it and the other songs from the latter quickly became a favorite, and still hold a high place on my Soundtracks playlist. Listening to this tune so often while growing up, I definitely enjoyed the idea of "staying home" any number of school and summer days; years later, as an adult, there are times when that urge comes on even stronger! The lyrics have also come to mean more over time, particularly since starting down the path to (hopefully) bestselling author. Whether or not I become a millionaire through this, I'll always feel that "a simple life's my cup of tea", and that writing is my way to "march to the beat of my own drum." A tad antisocial, maybe (more so with the rest of the song), but you can't write without turning just a little monkish, in my experience. :)

I'll be turning a bit more so the next couple of days, due to classwork, but that won't keep me from pressing on with BR edits, until this work is FINALLY finally done. In much happier news, I'm pleased to announce that the audiobook version of For State & Country is finally finished, thanks to the folks as Wordwooze Publishing, and is available for download through Audible, on Amazon! The link is attached below, and I've been given several promo codes to help spread the word; if you want one for yourself, or a family member, friend, or fellow writer, send me a message on my FB page or Twitter feed! I'll also have further news on BR and my next projects in my Wordpress post later this week; stay tuned, and continue reviewing, sharing and commenting!


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