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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Happy Monday everyone! :P

Despite a somewhat exhausting post-Fourth weekend, I'm pleased to say that I've finished the "re-acquainting" edits on the third Cross & Flag book, Revelations--and, as with the second book, found that several sections I thought I'd left unfinished from the last round actually are done! I'm currently taking a short break from all writing for the next few days, to keep myself in the right frame of mind for the next edit session on book #4, Reckonings​, as well as the new work on Bloody Relations (and just to chill in general, thus staying sane between writing bouts :) ). Since I KNOW you're all anxiously anticipating the latter's crossing the finish line, and the former series doing the same (LOL), I give you the following as this week's song: The Waiting, by the late, forever great Tom Petty. (Usual copyrights apply; I own nothing!)

Since my sister introduced me to Petty through Runnin' Down a Dream (noted in an earlier post here), I've picked up more than a few of his and The Heartbreakers' material over the years, and this one was an early favorite choice. Though there's plenty of ways one can view the lyrics, to me, they (and the rhythm) have always summed up how hard it is to wait for anything in life to come by or be found: a job, a significant other, the bus, a book you ordered, or just for the day to end. In my case, they've also come to sum up the exhausting fun of a new draft ("don't it feel like heaven right now?" :) ), and the struggle against the crippling boredom and frustration that can set in when you're blocked on a draft, don't know where to start on one, or simply can't stand holding off on new work or edits because you HAVE to rest. Thankfully, this song has helped me through these three issues many times, and kept me going in the Outside World, too.

There won't be too much waiting for new material, though: I can promise that much! Although Reckonings has a lot more work to go in that area (probably more than the other three books combined), at this point I believe I can complete most of it (and that of the others) by no later than mid-August, based on my current work, prelim and "chill-out" demands. I plan on starting the "re-acquainting" edits on Thursday of this week, and finishing by Sunday, at which time I will turn back to Bloody Relations, putting in the edits suggested by my alpha readers before tackling the home stretch work that's stayed unfinished for too long. No guarantees, but I have a strong feeling that the latter will be ready for publishing (self- or otherwise) by the July/August changeover, latest. More news will follow, here and on my various pages; meanwhile, keep the comments and reviews coming, and share Discarded (and the reci-pledge network) far and wide!

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