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Two presumed-dead genetically augmented soldiers search for the truth of their origins... and discover far more than they ever imagined.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

This Week's Tune (6/4)

Good evening, everyone!

As always, I have a good excuse for the wait on the post for this week; however, this time the reasons aren't so likeable. Despite making even further headway on Bloody Relations since my last news here (including coming up with a whole new ending and much better fates for several characters), the mounting number of changes, ever-present Outside World demands, and the gradually creeping sensation of burn-out combined to make work on this draft an increasing slog over the past several days. Given this mix, I've decided to once again cease work on Bloody Relations, at least for a time, to let me come back at it refreshed. Though I'm literally on the last chapter as of tonight, and the ending scene is already written, I'm afraid sorting through the new ideas alone is taking more of a toll on my efforts lately; add in figuring where or even if to put them in, and all the difficulties of writing historical fiction in general, and it only makes the blocks rise higher and higher. I've been at the cusp of burnout and excessive self-imposed demands many times when writing, and found the only safe solution is backing away, for however long it takes to cool off: days, weeks, even months. Never fear, though; this draft WILL be finished, and on the digital (and physical?) shelves one day! In the spirit of such doggedness, and as an all-around pick-me-up, I've chosen as this week's song Don't Give Up by Eagle Eye Cherry, as sung for the Holes movie soundtrack (Usual copyrights apply; I own nothing!).

Like probably a lot of others, I first read (and loved) the book Holes sometime in middle school. When the movie came out in 2003, I was a tad wary, given the many potential problems with book-to-film projects, yet this one proved a welcome exception. Not long after, I picked up the movie soundtrack (which later became among the first to be added to my Ipod playlist of the same), and this song in particular (played during an especially dangerous scene in the movie) soon stood out as one of the best. The title and lyrics may be simple, but sometimes that's exactly what's needed. Whenever the flow of ideas stalls, or it just seems like I can't even string two words together, much less a draft, this song has helped me lift my head, pull out of the dumps, and either keep going with a project, step away until I'm ready to restart it, or just back off writing entirely for however long I need to recharge for a different one. With this tune, and even a small amount of luck, I'll be back on the horse for new- or edit-work within a very short time; perhaps even by next week's post!

Not all the news tonight is disappointing, either. Earlier this past month, I came across a notice for the Wisconsin Author Project, a program offered through WI libraries to promote works by self-published authors. After careful thought, I've decided to submit my current bestseller, Red Delta, for consideration by this program! The beauty of it is, even if my work doesn't land the main or runner-up prize, I will still be able to share it with a wider audience through the program, and promote my other works as well. I'll be submitting the book tomorrow or Fri, and officially kicking off my hunt for Discarded pledge-worthy freelance labors on Upwork at that time as well. More details on this and my other writing plans to come here, and on Wordpress very soon; meanwhile, take strength from the tune of the week if you need it as I do, and keep on sharing, commenting and reviewing!

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