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Two presumed-dead genetically augmented soldiers search for the truth of their origins... and discover far more than they ever imagined.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

This Week's Tune (6/11)

Hello, everybody!

In light of the disappointing news from last week's post (and anticipating the as-yet-unknown amount of time I'll be pulled away from the keyboard this coming week thanks to work and other Outside World demands/stresses), I figured a little relaxation was in order. Therefore, I present for this week's song Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14, better known as his "Moonlight"  Sonata, as arranged by Jerome Rose on the CD 25 Beethoven Favorites (Usual copyrights apply; I own nothing!)

Since there was always a piano in the house (I played briefly when very young, and my sister played well into her teens), and classical music was always a top family choice, this song was one of the first I heard and came to love while growing up. Naturally, then, once I started compiling my Classical Mix Ipod playlist, there was no question about giving this one a prime spot. The slow, evocative rhythm, and the melancholy yet soothing nature of the song as a whole, are often exactly what's needed when I want to slow down after a bruising productive (or not) writing session, or just seeking a moment for reflection and peace between projects.

As mentioned above, there'll probably be few chances for real peace and quiet over the next week or so, but I'll be getting back on the writing horse nonetheless! Cross & Flag work will restart no later than Thurs; no set deadlines for this round, just a steady, ambling trickle of edits on all four books, probably over the whole summer. I'll also be sending out more Upwork proposals this coming week, and tinkering some more with Bloody Relations in whatever downtime I get; managed to chip away a major block the past couple of days (without even going near the keyboard), so this draft is nowhere near out of the publication running yet! Lastly, and best news of all (if you haven't seen my latest Wordpress post), Red Delta has been submitted to the Wisconsin Author Project, with word on the $, write-up and review prize(s) coming sometime this fall! Further updates to follow, like always; while you wait, consider spreading the word further on Discarded, and keep up the reviews and comments!


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