This Week's Tune (5/28)

Monday, 28 May 2018

A good Memorial Day to all!

Like many other times since I've started writing, a long weekend, holiday or otherwise, means more chances to lock myself away with a draft, allowing me to sprint to the finish line or edit to perfection (or just satisfaction :) ). This can be a lonely period of focus, where the rest of the world seemingly disappears, leaving my apt and/or desk as the only objects in the universe. At the same time, even when plowing through the draft, I can find myself distracted: by other ideas, by thoughts of home, family and friends, or totally random references or objects (maybe there's some mild ADD going on? :D ). To illustrate this maddening yet necessary state of mind (and in keeping with some of the theme(s) from today's holiday), I give you as this week's song The Legionnaire's Lament, by The Decembrists, from my Driving Mix playlist. (Usual copyrights apply; I own nothing!)

Though I've never come anywhere close to the travails suffered by the titular Legionnaire, the loneliness and longing for home are familiar enough, and should be for anybody who's been isolated by distance or circumstances. The work and end result of my writing sessions makes up for the solitude during such, yet there are often times when I wonder if I can fully bring myself back into the real world once done. I always do (at least, I hope so :D ), but the uncertainty is never far off--and flares up again when the next project comes along. The jaunty nature of this tune, though probably meant as a telling/jarring contrast with the melancholy lyrics, gives it a pleasant rhythm that has always taken such worries away, while at the same time both warning me to stay grounded, and given me the jolt to keep going.

Such a jolt must be at work now, given the progress lately. A major hurdle in Bloody Relations was cleared earlier today, and I anticipate vaulting over a couple more tonight and all day tomorrow, making the finish period of early June even more likely. Once finished, I'll be taking a break to resume my hunt for Discarded pledge-worthy jobs on Upwork, start the reading/notes for prelims, and do an alpha read or two for some fellow writers. I'll have further updates for these on FB, Twitter and Wordpress before long; meantime, enjoy the tune(s), and share, review and comment as ever!

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