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Monday, 23 April 2018

This Week's Tune (4/23)

Good afternoon, all!

At long last, it seems like winter's grip is relaxing here in WI, and warmer, sunnier days are upon us...until the next 180-degree temp shift, anyway! :) To celebrate this, and some recent progress and realizations in the writing arena, I give you as this week's song Here Comes The Sun, from the Beatles' outstanding Abbey Road album. (Usual copyrights apply; I own nothing!)

Though I can't claim to be as serious a fan as some people, the Beatles' music has long been a part of my life, from childhood to now. Whether I'm looking for relaxation, commiseration or just an excuse to dance, I've never failed to find just the right tune from their repetoire to do the job. This song in particular has always cheered me up, whatever the circumstances (bad weather, crappy incident at classes/work, or just a low kind of day or week in general), and gives me the right kind of perking up when I'm staring at a draft with NO idea where to start or go on. No matter how hard it might be to work on something in that moment, the lyrics keep me reassured that the right moment will come--at which point everything'll be sunny again. A tad hippie-like thinking, I suppose, but probably not far wrong with this era of music. :)

Whatever the right moment might be for most of my writing projects, it's definitely arrived for one draft, and soon to come for a couple more. A Cloud Over Munich passed the finish line yesterday, my shortest draft yet; still not sure if and when I'll try to publish it (plenty of research still needed to get all the characters right), but the edits and critiques are soon to come from my fiction workshop class. Still planning to begin edits on Sic Semper Tyrannis around the start of next week (or sooner), though I'll be holding off on publishing until more of the planned short-story compilation it'll be part of is completed; sometime early next year is the VERY rough plan, as of right now. Bloody Relations is now first in line for edits and new work; middle of next week is the tentative start date, with a (hoped-for) finish by the end of next month. I should also be sending out the next batch of promos for Discarded around the same time as this new work begins--including, possibly, schedules for an in-person event or two. More news to follow, as usual; till then, keep on commenting, reviewing and sharing!

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